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EdenFantasys: the self-referential black hole

May 19, 2010 4 comments

I just finished reading this article by maymay, and I’m going to cross-post it here just in case he gets a cease and desist, as was warned about in the comments.

My personal experience with the online sex toy store mentioned here, EdenFantasys, was a short-lived one.  I started reviewing sex toys for EF when I received an e-mail from them in the winter of 2007 asking for a link exchange and for me to become a sex toy reviewer.  Having never done something like this before, I thought it would be a fun experience and willingly accepted both offers.  I loved their website, I really did.  It is well laid out, clean, and they have great functionality in place.  I took it slowly, however, and between late 2007 and the fall of 2008, I think I reviewed about four to five products.  Then, in October of 2008, another blogger discovered a linkable spreadsheet containing personal information of all the company’s reviewers.  This alone was enough for me to request that they immediately take me off their review program and delete my account (which I just checked again, and it looks like they never fully deleted my account and reviews, only set it to disabled.  It’s still viewable to the general public).

Since then, I stopped going to the site altogether, and after a couple months passed, I signed up for Babeland‘s affiliate program.  I love Babeland, I love their physical store, I love their website, and I love their support of the community.  I keep hearing escalating issues that seem to continue cropping up around EdenFantasys, and this latest post by maymay makes me relieved that I never got in too deep with them.  It’s just sad and disappointing to see such a promising company fall so far as to resort to shady practices, questionable ethics, and outright lies.

Anyway, maymay’s post follows in full. His research into EdenFantasys’ linking practices is meticulous, thorough and well-documented.  Well done, maymay!

A few nights ago, I received an email from Editor of EdenFantasys’s SexIs Magazine, Judy Cole, asking me to modify this Kink On Tap brief I published that cites Lorna D. Keach’s writing. Judy asked me to “provide attribution and a link back to” SexIs Magazine. An ordinary enough request soon proved extraordinarily unethical when I discovered that EdenFantasys has invested a staggering amount of time and money to develop and implement a technology platform that actively denies others the courtesy of link reciprocitya courtesy on which the ethical Internet is based.

While what they’re doing may not be illegal, EdenFantasys has proven itself to me to be an unethical and unworthy partner, in business or otherwise. Its actions are blatantly hypocritical, as I intend to show in detail in this post. Taking willful and self-serving advantage of those not technically savvy is a form of inexcusable oppression, and none of us should tolerate it from companies who purport to be well-intentioned resources for a community of sex-positive individuals.

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A review: LoveHoney’s Sqweel; and Eco-Friendly Sex toys!

April 1, 2010 2 comments

I first heard about this uniquely designed sex toy through Jake, back in October.  The winning submission to LoveHoney’s first Design a Sex Toy contest, the Sqweel caught my eye with its innovative form and concept, and so I was excited to be able to review the toy for Babeland.

The Sqweel comes in a tin box along with a little instruction booklet and a packet of lube.  The outer black casing of the toy is a hard, sturdy plastic, and the pink tongues are, for lack of a better word, squishy and soft and made of silicone.  There is a simple switch on the flat end to turn the wheel on, with three speeds: low, medium, and high.

I was a little surprised by the level of noise the Sqweel makes when I first turned it on.  It’s a sound rather accurately described by the name of the toy itself, a bit of a high, mechanical squealing that proved to be distracting.  I first tried it without the lube, and it was alright, but using the lube does make a difference.  And it’s cool that the toy can be used in both directions – with the tongues “licking” down or licking upwards, to varying effects.

Cool as this toy is, however, I was unable to get an orgasm out of it.  My primary issue is the noise – way too distracting, and kind of a turn off.  I also found the highest speed setting to be a little intense, but anything lower and the wheel stopped turning if I put too much pressure on it.  Which I imagine most women instinctively will do to a toy that stimulates cunnilingus – want to vary the pressure of the sensations.

All of that said, I still like the concept of the toy.  I think it’s a great first draft of what could be an amazing toy several iterations down the pipeline.  I hope they continue to improve on it, especially to deal with the noise issue.

To continue the Babeland trend, I found out that throughout the month of April the sex toy store is giving 20% of all its eco-toy sales to, a news site focusing on environmental issues with the tagline, “A Beacon in the Smog.”  Clicking the banner below will take you to their full information page, which also includes a list of their eco-friendly toys.

Eco-friendly toys include those made of glass, stainless steel, wood, and silicone, as well as rechargeable vibrators.

And to continue the trend again and make my last little plug, my favorite SOMA café also offers various toys made of recycled items, such as inner tube floggers.  They also support many local artists, toymakers, and writers.  In fact, this upcoming Sunday will be the opening of their latest art show, featuring the photographs of Fakir Musafar in an exhibit called “GenderFlex.”  I can’t wait to see the photos!

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A sex toy review

August 10, 2008 1 comment

I recently just submitted and got published my fourth sex toy review over at Edenfantasys. It was for a pair of nickel handcuffs that I had requested back in May, but due to their revamping the review program, only received mid-July.  So since then I’ve tested them out a couple of times and finally sat down to write the review last week.  As someone who has experimented with far more toys than an average person might see in a lifetime, I really enjoy sharing my experiences in a meaningful way that might help that average person find what she’s looking for.

And as I mention in the review, this is not the first time I’ve owned a pair of handcuffs.  My first boyfriend bought a pair of Smith and Wesson ‘cuffs for me, and I took them with me after I left him.  Sadly, they were discovered and thrown out by a horrified mother.  I know better now: Hide not thy sex toys in the nightstand dresser!

But I digress.  Though the S&W cuffs were undoubtedly high quality, I was pleasantly surprised that the cheaper handcuffs from Edenfantasys had an equally nice weight to them.  You can read the whole review yourself if you want, but I thought I’d give one of my more recent reviews a little limelight.

In short: handcuffs are sweet.  And shiny.

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