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I love Rachel Maddow and HATE everyone else

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

At least – everyone in this video clip.  It’s painfully evident how little the oil industry cares about this oil spill.  What will it take to stir these sleeping giants out of their complacency and show any – any – empathy?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On the flip side, Rachel Maddow has been diligently, passionately, and dedicatedly covering all aspects of the oil spill on her show.  That she is deliberately moving this to center stage speaks volumes about her.  Not that I ever have anything but gushing praise for her anyway.

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Closing of the Lusty Lady

June 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I first heard about the closing of the Lusty Lady – a well-known peep show with establishments in Seattle and San Francisco – through Mistress Matisse’s column at The Stranger.  She also wrote about strippers’ and dancers’ options after the closing of strip clubs and peep shows in another column.  And, finally, I most recently came across this Stranger article, entitled “Veni, Vidi, Veni” which goes a little bit more in depth into the history of Seattle’s landmark of a peep show:

“You want to know the down and dirty of how the Lusty Lady really got started?” asks Tamara the Trapeze Lady, a local burlesque and aerial performer who worked at the Lusty in the 1980s, leaning across the table during an interview like she’s about to reveal a criminal conspiracy. “It started as a church.”

Back in the early 1980s on First Avenue, just a few doors down from the Showbox, on the other side of the street from where the Lusty is now, was a place called the Temple of Venus (it’s now known as the Venusian Church and still holds meetings in Redmond).

“You’d come and sit, and there was a small riser—an altar, as it were. The service would start, and the scrim in back would open to this black, starry-night curtain. This woman would come out in fancy lingerie and tell a story about a sexual experience she’d had, and it would culminate with her masturbating. This was the precursor to the Private Pleasures booth at the Lusty Lady.”

I was fairly intrigued that the closing of the peep show garnered so much attention – after a little digging I found this NPR story on the club’s closing, as well as many more news articles.  As I’ve only stepped inside the Seattle club once, I can’t say very much about my personal experiences, though just the name is enough to evoke the memory of a cold, dreary Seattle over New Year’s; of wandering along Broadway East on my own, having a friend show me around the city, and ending up underneath the distinct pink and black marquee of the Lusty Lady late in the evening.

Prior to this, my only other time in a strip club was in Portland, OR, where my two roadtrip-mates and I stayed for a few days along our Epic Roadtrip of 2009.  It was right after I’d gone alone to meet Mark Yu at his new Jade Gate Studio, and when I returned to the house where we were staying, our hosts decided to take us all to Devil’s Point to see their fire dancers.

So given that limited exposure, I don’t have the personal connection that other dancers, strippers, and regular customers have to the industry.  But even I can appreciate the history that came with the club, and, perverted romantic that I am, I cannot help but feel (however accurately or not) that the closing of the Lusty Lady has a ringing finality to it, as though heralding the close of an era.

Some related links:

Wikipedia’s entry on the Lusty Lady

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July 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Hail from San Francisco!  Visiting the coastal cities has been amazing, making it all that much harder to pick one in which to settle.

There is still a lot to catch up on, but first I want to give some blog love to a new store that’s getting ready to open in San Francisco next week: Wicked Grounds.  They’re planning to open by next Tuesday, but to make it happen need as much help as possible this weekend.  I’ll be getting over there early in the morning to do what I can before we have to leave for Santa Barbara and LA.  Perhaps I will see some of you there!

Wicked Grounds font

289 8th Street
San Francisco

CA 94103

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NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar

June 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Sex Blogger Calendar 2010Just popping in here between packing to give a shout-out to the sexy sexy sex bloggers of the 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar.

The models are: Abiola Abrams, Audacia Ray, Calico, Desiree, Diva, Elizabeth Wood, Jamye Waxman, Lucy Vonne, Melissa Gira Grant, Mina Meow, N, Nikol Hasler, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sinclair, Tess, and Twanna Hines.

Whew.  Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?  Read their full calendar bios here!

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Happy passing of 2008, cheers to the tentative future

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I have been celebrating with orgasms galore via my favorite vibrator.  The resident fatcat is purring contentedly on my lap, and the sounds of cake-baking are emanating from the kitchen.  All in all, a quiet but satisfying transition into 2009.  I will wake up tomorrow feeling no different, and I’ve never made a new year’s resolution in my life.

This upcoming year, though, I do have several promises to make to myself, among them to join a P.E. class and burn away the depressives, make a visit to the pottery studio at least once weekly, and continue to follow the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as my new additions, the Rachel Maddow Show, House, and Californication.  I will continue knitting and learning the guitar, and I want to learn to use the metal shop’s oxyacetylene, TIG, and MIG welders and try my hand at some metal sculpture work.  I have an art show to prepare for, which will involve lots of woodworking, and lots of other pet projects and ideas on hold.

I have also made it a point to start reading more on the events occurring in the Middle East, as I do have a close friend studying in Lebanon.  The recent Gaza bombings have incited my interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In reading the comments alone on online news reports, it’s easy to see the great amount of anger, grudge-holding, nationalism, patriotism, and finger-pointing on both sides that will only make it that much harder to get beyond the fighting.

2009 will, at the least, be a very busy year, especially once I’m done with my internship and (hopefully) finally able to move out West like I had originally planned.


this just in

September 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Chile’s precocious teens cast aside sexual taboos” via International Herald Tribune.

Chileans are plugged into the Internet at higher rates than other South Americans, and the highest use is among children 6 to 17. Therein lies a key factor in the country’s newfound sexual exploration, said Miguel Arias, a psychologist with another Santiago consulting firm, Divergente.

Fotolog, a photo-sharing network created in the United States, came to this country barely two years ago. Today Chile, which has a population of 16 million, has 4.8 million Fotolog accounts, more than any other country, the company says. Again, children 12 to 17 hold more than 60 percent of the accounts.

Party promoters use Fotolog, as well as MSN Messenger, to organize their weekend gatherings, inviting Fotolog stars – the site’s most popular users, based on the number of comments they get – to help publicize the parties and attend as paid VIPs. Many of the teenage partygoers use their online nicknames exclusively.

Arias did a study of the Fotolog phenomenon, scrutinizing the kinds of photos the teenagers are posting, even the angles and distances of the pictures – all of which are part of an “identifiable” language, he said. “The kids of today are expressing their sexuality in erotic ways for the whole world to see,” Arias said.

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The Tipping Point

September 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip

Found this animated short detailing the consequences of accelerated global warming via reddit environment.  A very interesting film, not in the least because of the commentary it has provoked on the reddit site and elsewhere.


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linkjoy: gangster photos and national topless day

August 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I found this magnificent image as part of a photo essay on London East End gangsters.  Check out the full documentary, entitled The Firm, by Jocelyn Bain Hogg.  I just love everything about this image: the beautiful woman wrapped in stockings and fur, the poster on the wall, and the cat playing with a stiletto heel.

I also found out that this Saturday, August 23rd is National GoTopless Protest Day.  Events are apparently being held at select major cities (Boston not being one of them).  Interesting idea and activist theme.  I’d always envied guys’ being able to take their shirts off on a hot day, and wondered as a kid why that was the case.  And I think women’s breasts are a nice complement and contrast to the angles and hard lines of a guy’s chest.  I wonder if public breastfeeding, much less going topless, will ever become an accepted public image.

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Subway photoshoot with a twist

May 23, 2008 1 comment

A friend recently showed me images from this French photographer, Jam Abelanet, who had French authorities in a huff over his latest photoshoot in a subway, where some of the nude models were shot in the subway with passengers obviously visible. The one below is one of my favorites.

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March madness

March 13, 2008 Leave a comment

I found this interesting article a month or so back, and thought it would go well with the theme of Women’s History month. It is called “The Campus Rape Myth,” and is written by Heather MacDonald. It’s a great read, especially for any current college student, and I basically agree with all her points about the current state of sexual affairs in schools here.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Risk-management consultants travel the country to help colleges craft legal rules for student sexual congress. These rules presume that an activity originating in inchoate desire, whose nuances have taxed the expressive powers of poets, artists, and philosophers for centuries, can be reduced to a species of commercial code. The process of crafting these rules combines a voyeuristic prurience and a seeming cluelessness about sex. “It is fun,” writes Alan D. Berkowitz, a popular campus rape lecturer and consultant, “to ask students how they know if someone is sexually interested in them.” (Fun for whom? one must ask.) Continues Berkowitz: “Many of the responses rely on guesswork and inference to determine sexual intent.” Such signaling mechanisms, dating from the dawn of the human race, are no longer acceptable on the rape-sensitized campus. “In fact,” explains our consultant, “sexual intent can only be determined by clear and unambiguous communication about what is desired.” So much for seduction and romance; bring in the MBAs and lawyers.

The campus sex-management industry locks in its livelihood by introducing a specious clarity to what is inherently mysterious and an equally specious complexity to what is straightforward. Both the pseudo-clarity and pseudo-complexity work in a woman’s favor, of course. “If one partner puts a condom on the other, does that signify that they are consenting to intercourse?” asks Berkowitz. Short of guiding the thus-sheathed instrumentality to port, it’s hard to imagine a clearer signal of consent. But perhaps a girl who has just so outfitted her partner will decide after the fact that she has been “raped”—so better to declare the action, as Berkowitz does, “inherently ambiguous.” He recommends instead that colleges require “clear verbal consent” for sex, a policy that the recently disbanded Antioch College introduced in the early 1990s to universal derision.

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