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lucky number announcement

December 3, 2009 1 comment

And with the seventh post on my new blog, I’ve decided I might as well let it go public.  Here is my new baby project:

Sketchbook Junkie

Yeah, I’m still sitting on the title, hoping I’ll like it more with time.  But otherwise, I’m quite excited to have a place for all of my wayward scribbles to live, as opposed to scattered about my half-dozen sketchbooks (actually, I probably have more.  Not counting the random pieces of paper I doodle on).  I’m also hoping it’ll provide continual inspiration to draw more in order to provide content for the blog.

It helps that I now own a tablet and have found what may possibly be the best brush in Photoshop.  So, check out my new sketchbook blog if you’re so inclined.  I will be making the very ambitious attempt to post something there daily, but who knows how long that’ll last.

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TESFest 2009, and beyond

June 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m really psyched about going to TESFest this year, which will be held from July 2nd to 6th in New Jersey.  It’ll be my first such event, and I’ll be volunteering in some capacity while there – which is great, because I’m pretty sure I’d otherwise be in a corner staring wide-eyed at everyone and trying to become a part of the wall.

This is going to be particularly exciting, because I plan to use TESFest as the jumping-off point for my roadtrip this summer to the Pacific Northwest.  Right afterwards I’ll be heading to Cleveland, Chicago… and from there, who knows?  All I know is that I’m going to end up in Seattle, figure out where to settle down from there, and then start planning for Burning Man in late August!

This summer promises to be full of new experiences at the very least.  Here’s to meeting a great kink community, making new friends, epic roadtrips, and the Spirit of Adventure!

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January 15, 2009 5 comments


I took this photo using my Christmas present to myself: a Nikon D60 DSLR.  I bought a lens to go with it, but apparently they “accidentally oversold on this item” and it’s on back order.  I have no idea when I’ll get it, so I’ve been using an older Nikkor lens I have just so I can play around and take some photos.

Now I just need some models…preferably nude models.  Hehe.

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Double, double toil and trouble

October 31, 2008 1 comment

Happy Halloween!  I have my costume all prepared, and tonight I plan to have some sugar- and alcohol-induced fun.

As an extra treat for tonight, I made a poll for your ex-bashing/loving pleasure.  This is from my last IM conversation with SR, in which I was trying to get him to come visit me on campus.  Part of me was severely hurt by the implication of his simple message, but another part of me wonders if I didn’t take an immature, frat boy’s comments too close to heart.  What would your reaction be?

Ugh, WordPress’s polls are all fucked up.  Vote here please!

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Sketchbook stories

October 17, 2008 2 comments

I recently felt inspired to draw a little comic while thinking back to conversations I had with SR over how smoking pot might affect his ability to climax. He was worrying about how he often has a hard time coming, even when he really wants to.  I, of course, didn’t complain about his “problem,” since it gives him great stamina. But I suggested that his heavy use of pot might be part of it.  I wonder now if he is on any antidepressants or similar drugs, since those also can make climaxing more difficult.

(In hindsight…God, what was I thinking? Going out with a druggie and thrill seeker…Shakes head at self.)

I have been slowly getting back into the groove of drawing and woodworking.  My next project: learn how to weld in the metalshop (perhaps take a lesson from a certain tall scruffy sculpture student), and take advantage of the computer lab in the architecture studio to get more comfortable with CAD software.  And to get to the pottery studio at least once before the first snow.

It feels great to be learning new and interesting skills, and I’m going to take advantage of everything offered on campus while I can.  Tonight I will be attending a joinery session in the woodshop, learning to cut dovetail joints.

Life is good, life is getting better, and I don’t feel like this anymore:

Here’s to another Homecoming Weekend to remember!

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July 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Alright, I think I’m done fiddling around with the blog design…for now. I only use Firefox, so if there are issues with other browsers, I’d be grateful for the heads up!

In other news…I’ve got two job interviews lined up for today. Hoping to get one, or else I’ll probably end up at Starbucks. Which really wouldn’t be anything to complain about.

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