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Internet Blackout #SOPAStrike

January 18, 2012 Leave a comment

As you are hopefully already aware, the U.S. Congress is planning to vote on two bills on January 24th, 2012: the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House of Representatives, and a corresponding PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate.

I could write on the dangers that such a vague bill, written and co-sponsored by frankly technology-illiterate politicians, poses for a free and open Internet in general, and more specifically for many of the people in my personal sphere and for myself. A vague bill means innumerable opportunities to abuse the laws written in it in the interests of whoever can pay the legal fees.

I could write about all of this, but others have already written much more eloquently and clearly than I could. Here are some resources. I hope you will read and sign the petition. Today, January 18th, many sites will be on a blackout strike to make their own opinions on SOPA/PIPA clear.

The proposed bills:

Articles and letters on the proposed bills:

Petition sites:

A very small selection of the sites that are participating in the blackout strike:


Interesting new development: a comment made by reddit user owsmanifesto.

Here is the full text of the bill they referenced: H.R. 1981

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July 30, 2011 1 comment

I keep thinking I should write something here – anything – so as not to let this blog stagnate. Then today I happened to glance at my stats page, and did a double-take at the spike I saw in traffic. Thanks, Jane’s Guide, for the link and review!

So I guess I haven’t been here in a while. What’s new, world? I don’t think I can even begin to summarize everything that’s happened since I last posted, in (cringe) April. I find myself writing less and less, in general, and drawing less as well. Actually, since SEAF, I haven’t felt an ounce of drive to do much of anything creative. Except make myself a new whip, but that’s been a long time coming, anyway.

Life is far from mundane, however. During Max’s most recent visit, we delved deep into a very intense, psychological kind of play; the kind I’ve only ever dreamed of from afar, too afraid to even name it or peer too closely at it. This has opened up all sorts of doors for me, and it’s unleashed a hunger for more that I can’t contain – and don’t want to. There is a sweetness to the brutality I experienced, that I could experience because of my trust in Max, that is, frankly, addicting. And there is joy, too, at knowing how completely and utterly I am able to lose control, have it drawn out of my body like blood, through Max’s ministrations. As someone whose internal monologue is never shut off and whose need to maintain control can be inhibiting, that kind of release is nirvana.

And then there’s T the Programmer, a new partner that I’ve been seeing for a few months now. This means I’m now a fully practicing polyamorist, no longer merely espousing theory and concept. And – yeah, it’s complicated. It’s made me question myself many times, but when it’s been good, it’s been very, very good.

I’ve also been dabbling in what is essentially drag king dress-up, which has been exhilarating and has thrilled me in a way no dress or skirt ever has. I put together a “dapper gentleman” outfit for one night of SEAF, with help and encouragement from Max. A month later, a revised version of that outfit came out again for Pride, when T the Programmer and I did a bondage demo/performance while I was in full drag. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the drag iceberg for me.

Now, I am a week away from the upcoming Paradise Unbound kinky camping event, and before that I’ll be staying with Max and attending his monthly Bondage series workshop. It promises to be an activity-filled trip with many moving parts, and while I’m wary of the poly-related challenges that are bound to crop up while I’m out in the woods, I’m hoping for the best.

[Edited to update T’s name to the Programmer – I’m so bad at coming up with monikers for the people I write about here. – 10/16/2011]

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Still here…

March 14, 2011 1 comment

Today is a slow, slow, rainy day, and I have been slow-moving in response. I realize I’ve not stopped by here lately, and in truth, it seems this blog is nearing the end of its lifespan. I may write more in the future, but there are just too many other things occupying my life lately, and I have neither the time nor inclination to write things down.

But, a short update seems in order, as a lot has been happening lately:

– Max came to visit me in the later half of February for a short while, which was wonderful. As is increasingly the case, I left the airport after his visit feeling it was not enough, that time had flown inexplicably by before I had a chance to appreciate every moment we had together. We had a very full schedule this visit, including a day-long series of workshops at, a 3-hour private lesson, and multiple social engagements. I enjoyed helping and assisting at the workshops where I could, and it definitely introduced a new level of service to Max that I had little prior experience with. All in all, it seemed to go fairly smoothly, and we got some really nice feedback at the end.

– I am trying to move myself towards a freelancing career, which is proving most difficult – in all the ways one would expect self-employment to be difficult. But, perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome is my own inertia and self-doubt. There are days I feel like I can do anything, but they are far outweighed by the times I hold back, frozen in place by the hugeness of my decision weighing me down and by the lack of a definite plan or path.

– But I am still sending out resumes now and again, when I see something I think I could do and enjoy.

– I submitted a few pieces to this year’s Seattle Erotic Arts Festival as well as a collaborative proposal for an installation piece. The installation proposal was accepted, and now begins the process of building this installation with an art collaborator who lives over a thousand miles away. It will be quite a unique experience for me, and promises to take me far outside my comfort levels. I’m terribly excited, and very nervous, about the whole thing.

– I am getting really into both my yoga and climbing. I’ve started going to yoga 3-4 times a week, and I’m hoping to up my climbing to three times a week as well. A new friend in town has gotten me to go climbing outdoors with him as well, which has been wonderful. I can feel my body getting stronger and more limber every week, and as per my (intentionally vague) resolution after coming home from Sydney, I’ve kept an exercise/activity log, which is filling up quite nicely.

So, that’s a general life update of the past month or so. Perhaps I will post updates as I work through the SEAF piece, but we’ll see… Otherwise, I’m much more active on Twitter and Fetlife now.

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A fast, busy April

April 9, 2010 3 comments

I keep going through my head my schedule for the month of April, and I cannot fully comprehend how I will survive this month.  I think if I don’t, at least I will have an incredible, amazing time trying!

Here is the current status of my calendar:

Next weekend, April 15th to 18th, is International Ms. Leather, where I will be volunteering for 16 hours and probably fairly engaged with activities the rest of the time.

April 19th to 22nd is Drupalcon, a convention of an entirely different nature where I’ll be attending workshops with titles like CSS3: The Future is Now and JQuery for Designers and Themers.  Hopefully I’ll have gotten most of the shoe polish off my hands by then.

April 23rd to 25th will be another tech-related conference, one focused solely on JQuery.  Because I won’t be exhausted enough from two back-to-back conferences alone. At least all the bootblacking polish will definitely be gone by this point!

Then, April 30th to May 3rd, I’ll be decompressing from that insanity by spending a long weekend in Seattle with Max, where we’ll attend the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and just enjoy some time together.

Amongst the general madness, I have a project deadline for April 19th, a dinner date on the 15th, and continued apartment hunting craziness, which – if I do manage to secure a place before May – means the added hecticness of packing and moving.

Yes.  This is far and away the most insane month I’ve had, schedule-wise.  Nothing I experienced in college ever came close – though admittedly I wasn’t the most engaged or involved student.

April is about to give me an intensive crash course on time-management and prioritization skills.  I just hope I’m ready for it.

lucky number announcement

December 3, 2009 1 comment

And with the seventh post on my new blog, I’ve decided I might as well let it go public.  Here is my new baby project:

Sketchbook Junkie

Yeah, I’m still sitting on the title, hoping I’ll like it more with time.  But otherwise, I’m quite excited to have a place for all of my wayward scribbles to live, as opposed to scattered about my half-dozen sketchbooks (actually, I probably have more.  Not counting the random pieces of paper I doodle on).  I’m also hoping it’ll provide continual inspiration to draw more in order to provide content for the blog.

It helps that I now own a tablet and have found what may possibly be the best brush in Photoshop.  So, check out my new sketchbook blog if you’re so inclined.  I will be making the very ambitious attempt to post something there daily, but who knows how long that’ll last.

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November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

If I’ve been quiet on here lately, it’s not for lack of activity elsewhere.  Between the recent holiday, working extra shifts, a freelance assignment that I’ve only just sent off last night, and the few other personal projects I’m working on, I’ve spent plenty of time in front of my computer screen – just not here.

And – speaking of personal projects, a moment of inspiration has me putting together a new, visual blog that I’ll hopefully be ready to reveal soon.  I want to see first if I’ll even be able to sustain it, but I’m excited to have a new venture to delve into.  And I’ve always been more proficient with visuals than with words (not to say that I won’t stop spewing those out here though).

I seem to be in a state of transition.  A few weeks back, I felt rather like Grendel.  I felt about as personable as a snake, spitting and hissing curses at the people around me.  Now I’m mostly just bemused by thoughts and considerations of where I fit in here, where I belong, and where I’m heading.

It sounds a lot more grandiose than it is.

And granted I’m just about at the four month mark of living in San Francisco.  Not to mention that given my anti-sociality (which no one believes of me, but which is nonetheless very much true), I shouldn’t be surprised that I haven’t widened my sphere of acquaintances.  I am just looking at the kinds of things I want to be able to do in the city – trails to hike, places to climb, museums to peruse – and wishing I could be better about reaching out to the people I already do know to engage in these activities with me.

I feel a transition in the blog, as well.  It seems a lot more…stifling here lately.  My growing transparency between blog persona and local presence must account for some of that.  I will have to reconsider what I want this place to be about, and the content that is appropriate for it.  I’ve never had to consider this before; but then I’ve never been so transparent, and I’ve never enjoyed attention directed at myself.  I’m starting to consciously abstract and generalize more, and it’s less possible to talk as freely here as it once was.  It may be time to head towards more obscure waters again – to reinvent my anonymity.

Well, alright, I’ve spouted enough for tonight.  Time to hit the hay and forget all these silly little burdens of mine for a little while.

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November 10, 2009 3 comments

I’m pretty sure I’d probably heard about the top 100 sex bloggers list sometime in the past year but had never given it much thought.  I don’t read all that many blogs anymore, and it seems that bloggers of any kind, sex bloggers included, come and go, sometimes astonishingly quickly.

I was pretty stunned to find out that I’d been included in this year’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers list, a compilation of an incredibly wide spectrum of sex blogging with both long-time, well-known names as well as relative newcomers.  I will also admit, however, much surprise at the names I didn’t see listed, and I rather felt that a few spaces might have been opened up if it were a per-blog listing, rather than per-blogger, since some of the blogs have multiple contributors.  But I recognize that it couldn’t have been easy to make the list and that the judges probably wanted to give equal props to each unique writer.

With all that said, the list is available after the jump, and I’d definitely encourage visiting these bloggers.  And, while some of them are already linked in my sidebar, I’d also encourage taking a look at my listed blogs there, for that way lies writings I’ve fallen into that have changed me, friends I’ve made along the way, and faraway idols that I not-so-secretly worship.

Read more…

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another kind of ritual; upkeep; privacy

March 24, 2009 1 comment

The morning orgasm has become something of a ritual for me.  I often find that I am horniest in the morning – even early work mornings when all I want to do is slam the alarm reset button and roll over.

To that end, I always keep my trusty vibrator within a slumber-made-clumsy-arm’s reach.  These days it seems I need a full three or four orgasms to get out of bed.  And sometimes just as many to fall asleep at night (the insomniac’s curse, I tell you).  Sometimes it’ll be a particularly titillating dream that leaves my panties soaked by the time I open my eyes.  Most often, though, I’m just plain horny.

Well, really.  That state of being is never confined purely to the morning and midnight hours.

Of course, not all orgasms are created equal, and these early morning, lazy, vibrator-on-clit ones are not particularly earth-shattering.  More like scratching an itch.  When I have more time to myself later in the day, I tend to like prolonging the urge to paw out my sex toys from the nightstand drawer or unzip my jeans, and instead drawing out the lust.  It really is, as the clichéd saying goes, more about the journey than the final destination in this case.

Which brings me to my next topic: blogroll updated.

I know I should have added this blog three years ago when I first started, having peeked in from time to time and enjoying his writing immensely, but for some reason, I just never did*.  Well, better late than never.  And going through the archives this afternoon was quite satisfying and kept me plenty hot and bothered, though I did not touch myself.  That whole prolonging bit.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the writings of MonMouth as much as I have!

Finally for tonight, I recently (as in the night I got to my mother’s house) was confronted by my mother about some details concerning my ex that I had chosen to withhold from her.  This means she has apparently been Googling my name as well as my most commonly used handles and usernames.  It wasn’t something I had written here – I would hope I’ve learned something from having moved/shut down/changed URLs of previous iterations of this blog in terms of covering my tracks.  True, no one’s as anonymous on the internet as they’d like to believe, and I’ve seen enough of trolls to know that there is nothing a person with the time and commitment can’t do to make someone miserable.  But, well.  If I need to, I will absolutely delete all traces of myself online to protect myself and my loved ones.

And having her find out that my ex-boyfriend threatened to publicize my social security number after we separated isn’t exactly how I’d planned to be greeted when I arrived.  I fended off her questions and assured her it was all a bluff and far behind me, but she continued to lecture on keeping my personal information private and close, especially online.  I took it to heart, knowing she meant well, but I was shaken that she had so easily dug up this information on me.

So later, in the privacy of my own room, I did my own Googling and found the offending post, where I had asked for legal advice on a forum regarding that situation (it’s been deleted now).  What can I say?  I needed to ask someone, and couldn’t bear revealing something like this to anyone I knew, being still too depressed and ashamed of all I had been through to physically talk about it.  And, yes, I’ll admit it, I was scared.

Even now, rereading the post I’d made and the subsequent replies takes me right back to the unstable wreck I was then.  I did get reassurances and good advice, and regarding the discovery of my ex’s fiancée, I particularly like this response:

Obviously, I don’t know the back story, but the silly cow is going to marry him. You’re a good person for wanting to warn her, but I wouldn’t. She’s either just as sleazy, or retarded, so who cares? Especially if she cheated on you with him. The best ‘revenge’ you can have is to hope she pisses away the rest of her life on him.

Yes, I know, that shouldn’t make me feel better.  But at a time when I was at the end of the line trying to come to terms with the sudden and vicious assault to my trust, dignity, self-respect, privacy, and not to mention my fucking pride, I guess I had to smile about something.

Anyway, all this is to say that I am now committed to keeping better tabs on my personal privacy.

*Actually, I probably didn’t because around that time I had become much more withdrawn and private in my blogging; I stopped commenting, stopped replying to comments, stopped reading other blogs and maintaining my blogroll.  Partly it was hiding from my ex and his fiancée, both whom Statcounter told me were both reading my posts.  Mostly it was just a constant, painful reminder of what had happened.

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it all adds up

February 9, 2009 5 comments

2 hours working on art show + 2 hours cooking dinner + 2 hours coding a website = … one new masthead.

Yeah, finally got tired of the ol’ banner.  Good way to learn some Photoshop tricks, too.

With that, I’m off to bed.

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A sex toy review

August 10, 2008 1 comment

I recently just submitted and got published my fourth sex toy review over at Edenfantasys. It was for a pair of nickel handcuffs that I had requested back in May, but due to their revamping the review program, only received mid-July.  So since then I’ve tested them out a couple of times and finally sat down to write the review last week.  As someone who has experimented with far more toys than an average person might see in a lifetime, I really enjoy sharing my experiences in a meaningful way that might help that average person find what she’s looking for.

And as I mention in the review, this is not the first time I’ve owned a pair of handcuffs.  My first boyfriend bought a pair of Smith and Wesson ‘cuffs for me, and I took them with me after I left him.  Sadly, they were discovered and thrown out by a horrified mother.  I know better now: Hide not thy sex toys in the nightstand dresser!

But I digress.  Though the S&W cuffs were undoubtedly high quality, I was pleasantly surprised that the cheaper handcuffs from Edenfantasys had an equally nice weight to them.  You can read the whole review yourself if you want, but I thought I’d give one of my more recent reviews a little limelight.

In short: handcuffs are sweet.  And shiny.

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