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I’m gone. No one’s heard from me in months. My family thinks I’ve died, or been kidnapped, or worse – eloped.

I’ve run away, bare-footed in a shredded dress, running like I’m being chased by wolves. I gave birth under a full moon and cradled by pine boughs, listening to those same wolves howl. Her father? A stranger I seduced at a bar in Tucson and brought back to my cheap motel room one cloud-streaked night. The babe’s eyes are gold-flecked, she is a wild little changeling.

I’m living out of my car, driving from place to stranger place, chasing after tornados, trying to bottle lightning to feed my hungry baby. She is quiet, wary, watchful. I wonder.

I fell into a cave while hunting down my next meal (a fat, feisty quail), my stomach groaning over the fatal miscalculation. My hands and fingers press against the rough rock walls, poor substitute eyes in this perpetual darkness. I’m afraid to fall asleep, lest I lose the ability to differentiate my dreams from reality.

Or, I’ve been too busy to write here lately.

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