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Life update

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s funny how it’s when my life is joyful and fairly content that makes for the most boring and sparse blog posts.  I wrote a lot more when I was more morose, unhappy, or lonely, it seems.  Added to the general feeling of contentedness is the fact that I’ve just been consumed with other life happenings, and so I don’t often find the time or space to write here.

Because busy I have certainly been.  There was the week of family Thanksgiving back on the East Coast, the flight back to San Francisco, and the flight up to Seattle two days after that.  I spent the extended weekend with Max, and there is plenty to talk about there, except I came home and was immediately thrown into host-mode as a college friend was visiting San Francisco for a few days.  I spent a couple wonderful days with her and the friends she was with, exploring parts of the city I’ve long neglected.

Still, it’s nice to carve out some time for myself this week, and I have been catching up on all the mundanities of life that constantly need attention, boring as they are to mention.  I’m trying to become more organized – in the space I take up, the physical objects I own, and the way I generally go through life.  I’ve coasted well enough so far, but that will only carry me so far before I start floundering.

Foremost on my mind is wondering where I will be, this time next year.  I have, for the past five or so months, been making moves to apply to a certificate program in Seattle.  That portfolio is still underway, and I’ve just discovered that I in fact can’t apply for their Fall 2011 enrollment until the spring.  This leaves me a lot of time to think over what, exactly, my life will look like for the next couple of years.

I recently read this journal entry of one Neil Gaiman, and once you get past the funny (and cute) photos of Neil in a ridiculous number of layers of clothes, he answers letters he gets from his readers.  The two letters on being creative writing majors had me drawing a lot of parallels to my own experience in the arts department.  I found a similar discouragement to draw anything fantastical – though I admit some of that was self-censoring, because the curricula were fine arts oriented, which often holds a very strong bias against graphic design, illustration, and cartoon art.  I struggled with conceptual art and art theory because I was more interested in creating characters and caricatures, and seriously had no illusions of creating any deeper meaning to my work.

I have been interested in this particular Seattle program because it is for natural science illustration, and I think it would help any kind of illustration I choose to do in the future.  I also believe I currently have the ability to draw from life and draw to anatomical standards, and could do this without shelling out tuition money and uprooting the life I am building for myself in San Francisco.

On the other hand, I have pretty compelling reasons to want to be in Seattle as well…

Bah. It’s late, I’m rambling.  I think it’s time to go to bed…

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