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Off to Paradise

By this time tomorrow I will be in Seattle, ready for the week of kinky outdoor camping that is Paradise Unbound.  It promises to be a full, exciting eight days, and I honestly can’t believe it’s almost here.  I’ve never been to Paradise, but the combination of a wonderful kink/leather community and camping in the Pacific Northwest is vastly appealing, and that’s not even including the time I will get to spend with Max.

We talked a bit about scheduling over the phone yesterday, and then last night, I dreamt that I missed my flight to Seattle.  I went to another area to get on another flight, except I got distracted and missed that one too!  This meant I would not be able to get on a plane until the next morning.  This put me in a panic, and all I could think about was that I was messing up our schedule.

Traveling always makes me very anxious, and it affects my whole body.  As much as I try to plan ahead and make things run as smoothly as possible, my body just reacts immediately when I think about packing and getting to the airport and checking in bags and getting through security and finding my gate.  So it’s not surprising that I had that dream.

I’ve actually travelled quite a bit, which of course raises the probability of things that go wrong in airports and on airplanes to happen to me.  I have: flown to the wrong airport for a summer program; sat in an airplane at the gate for three hours before getting herded onto another plane when whatever technical issue couldn’t be resolved; missed a connecting flight and been unable to get to my destination until the morning after; had a nine hour layover at an airport due to weather; missed a flight completely due to poor time management; had two swiss army knives and a bottle of leather conditioner confiscated; and left a ticket for a connecting flight in the seat pocket of another plane.

That said (and hopefully I won’t jinx my upcoming flight), I’ve never lost any baggage or valuables like my passport, and I’ve never had much trouble with security.  Let’s hope that trend continues!

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