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family trip

So I have been putting off packing for a flight out of town tomorrow to meet up with my family.  I’m not flying home, though – as scattered around the globe as we all are right now, we chose a destination that’s sort of not-quite midway between all of us, and which promises lots of sun and beach time, so it’ll be a good vacation spot as well.

I have not been shy in admitting to my friends how decidedly un-eager I am to travel this weekend, despite how nice the destination should be.  In any other situation, it would be idyllic and relaxing, but I am just not optimistic about my time with the family remaining drama-free.  Perhaps my attitude itself doesn’t help.  I am at least looking forward to seeing my brother again and am plotting to take him sightseeing or something on our own for a day.

Suffice to say, I won’t be in front of the computer much – that alone is a welcome vacation, now that most of my current projects involve staring at my laptop screen for hours.  And I hope to come back refreshed from hours in the sun and exploring the local scenery.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some spectacular reading, I recently stumbled upon this blog by way of my Twitterfeed (again – thanks @mister_borogove!).  The specific post that was linked is called “Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective.”  The author takes you through the database logic of restructuring however marriage data is currently handled to accomodate not only gay marriage, but with room to allow for multiple-partner marriages as well.  As if you need any further proof of the geekery of this post, but here is a fantastic quote that just about overloaded my geekgasm quota: “…marriage is not just an irreflexive binary relation; it’s a transitive, irreflexive, binary relation.”

I was pretty surprised at how much I was able to follow after just a mere couple months of learning MySQL for work, but there is one thing that I made a complete guess on.  Here is the excerpt, speculating on the legal difficulties of introducing polygamy:

Here, “legally” is actually the biggest stumbling block. I think it would be accurate to say that much more of the existing global “legislatosaurus” is implicitly or explicitly geared towards binary marriages than is geared towards heterosexual marriages. This is not a case of changing a few words in the laws. It would be a case of radically modifying a very large chunk of law. The possibility for legal loopholes and general lack of airtightness would be major. And all of this would be in order to accommodate the legal needs of an admittedly tiny minority of people. I think it should happen (in the places where it hasn’t), and the arguments against it are no better than the arguments against gay marriage, but the obstacles are larger.

But anyway. IANAL. IAADBE.

Those abbreviations in the last sentence look pretty obscure.  My first guess? “I am not a lawyer. I am a database engineer.”  I did get momentarily distract by the first being immediately translated in my mind to “I anal,” but my mind doesn’t leave the gutter much these days anyway.

The other post of his that was memorable elaborates upon the impossibility of equal height columns in CSS (something that seriously aggravates me).  What’s notable is the fact that he later finds and adds a link to someone who shows it is possible, despite it still, technically, being a hack.  Glorious!

A final thought fragment before I’m gone.  I’ve felt stretched particularly thin and energy-deprived lately, and while some of the symptoms I recognize as the start of a depressive cycle, I find that I’m also feeling a little inundated by the immensity of the world issues that are happening right now.  There are many issues I’m passionate about, and too little energy to devote to them all, it seems.  There is the oil spill, the political environment of this country (heavily biased, I admit, from watching The Rachel Maddow Show almost exclusively), immigration, and the continual fight for sexual freedom and education, just to name the top few.  There are so many actions and words said that fill me with helpless anger these days.  And it seems fruitless to rail against people who are so completely set in their ways, so committed to passing blame to others, and with enough influence and power to get away with both.

Makes a girl want to tear her hair out.  Except I now have a cease and desist order on any further shortening of hair.

And with that, it is time for me to start packing.

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  1. Max
    August 16, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Nothing is improved by hair-shortening.

    Besides- we’ve proven that it doesn’t tear out easily.

    • August 18, 2010 at 5:33 pm

      This is true, Sir. My hair seems pretty resistant to tearing. And you have been most thorough in collecting data points to prove that.

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