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New project

I know why I feel so listless lately – I have no new project to obsess over!  Well, I think I have an idea for one now.  While brainstorming ideas for a drawing I’m doing for a friend, I pulled out Anatomy for the Artist from my bookshelf.  I got this as an arts intern after a colleague showed me her copy, but in all honesty I’ve never really used it.  I’ve come to rely on using Google image search to find references when I draw.  But it’s a bit of a shame; the book is filled with amazing visuals detailing every aspect of human anatomy, including translucent pages that overlay bones and musculature over photographs of people.

And this made me realize how out of practice I’ve become with figure studies.  I haven’t really done any since I left the East coast, and I feel a little rusty with the human figure.  That just won’t do!  So I am going to attempt a series of figure drawings of each of the reference photos in the book.  At over 200 pages of multiple photos per page, this should be a good exercise for me.  Ideally, I’d have a live model to draw from, but until I live that dream world of having someone at my beck and call for modeling purposes, this will have to do.

I anticipate heavy use of graphite and maybe some ink, but I may also go crazy and experiment with other media.

I should also note that my obsession with whips is not at all expired.  I am simply biding my time to build up enough momentum – and resources – to make a few more!  More documentation to come.

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