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Inner Animal

Given that I got only a marginal sexual education as a young adult, and given that sex was simply never a conversation my mother felt the need to have with me (at least until I was 19 and she discovered I’d started taking the birth control pill) I am rather surprised that I was allowed to watch regular, uncensored sex scenes on public television.  My mother even encouraged me to watch these weekly shows.

Of course, they usually looked like this:

I happen to find that kind of thing beautiful and eerie.  Growing up on a diet of nature documentaries (and, of course, falling madly in love with David Attenborough’s voice in the process) and a dearth of adult discussion, I didn’t even have a language for discussing sexuality outside of what I heard on these shows: words like mating, courtship rituals, and asexual reproduction.

Ever hungry for information, I eventually took my curiosity online and discovered sites like Sexuality.org, providing information on everything from anatomy to self-pleasure to bondage.

Now, a Biology degree later, I still find it fascinating how our sexuality is seen as a wholly separate entity from the sexual activities of the rest of the animal kingdom.  I also find it interesting that I personally never made the connection between the sexuality I was seeing on TV to my own burgeoning sexuality.

Humans don’t “mate”. We have sex, make love, fuck.  Our courtship rituals are “dates”.  We can fuck “like animals”, which suggests an inherent distinction between us and animals.  Of course, sex is just one of the many ways we strive to dichotomize our species from the rest.  When I talk to a close friend who is an evolutionary biologist about these kinds of topics, he always mentions his dislike for the differentiation of psychology as a distinct area of study from general animal behavior.

Whether or not you may agree with that sentiment, it is still an interesting thought process.  We are forever making a big deal out of what makes us unique, whether it be awareness of self (which dolphins, apes, and elephants have also exhibited), creating and using tools (Jane Goodall documented chimpazees using tools in the 1960s, and the same kind of behavior can be observed with dolphins and crows), or having sex solely as a pleasurable recreation.

As for that last one, I can only point to my visit to the Museum of Sex in NYC, which at that time had an exhibit called “The Sex Lives of Animals.”  It was fascinating and eye-opening.  There were videos of animals masturbating, photos of orgies, and plenty of evidence for homosexual behaviors and relationships across a wide spectrum of species.  While the exhibit reaffirmed for me the similarities and strong relationship between our behavior and those of all the species we share the majority of our genes with, it also helped me understand how our longstanding persistence in differentiating ourselves from animals are linked to the negative connotations of baser animal behavior, including sexual acts.

Of course, this isn’t meant to be a deep investigation of all the different ways the notions of our sexuality have been altered and influenced.  There are simply too many, and anyway this is all mostly just me thinking aloud and perhaps talking out of my ass (though I like to think even my ass can make educated guesses and hypotheses).  I won’t even touch on religion and politics.

As for me, I love rough, animalistic fucking, of course.  Teeth sinking into flesh, growling and snarling; I love using sex as a vehicle for channeling my inner animal.

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