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Bootblacking at the Citadel

As seems to be the trend lately, I’ve been procrastinating very heavily; this time, I’ve waited till the absolute last minute to get ready for tonight’s Citadel party, where I will be volunteering as a bootblack (yes!).  It helps that there isn’t much to prepare for – my bootblack kit’s pretty much set with some fresh polish rags thrown in, and I probably wont’ get too fancily dressed since I’ll just get black polish and shoe grease on everything anyway.

However, I did neglect to get dinner earlier, so I may have to skip out of the party to grab some food.  Or maybe there’ll be food there.  I’ve always been impressed by the spread provided by the Citadel party organizers.

Anyway, if you are looking for something to do this lovely Friday evening, stop by the Citadel!  This particular party is the only one where photography is allowed, so I daresay there will be some lovely fashion and fetishwear to admire (even more so than usual) – and you can even get your shoes polished up for the camera!

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