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another archive round-up

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The last time I perused the archives, I focused on more fictional-type writing to dig out, in lieu of new reading material.  Right now I’ve got something new in mind, titled “intention,” but until I actually have the time to flesh it out, I’ve decided now is as good a time as any to pull up more writing from my archives.  This time around, the majority of the posts are inspired by actual occurrences – back in the distant past when I had a regular partner.  Rereading these posts brought back the memories as vividly as if they’d happened last week, and I was flooded with unexpected fondness and nostalgia.  The distance and time between these memories and my present life have allowed me to appreciate these moments without the tinge of bitterness with which I left each relationship.

There was, for instance, the delightful distraction M provided when he came to visit me over his break, despite my protestations otherwise.  I always loved the sleepy morning sex we often had when together – it really is the best alarm clock I could ever ask for.

Then there was this little plea for pain I wrote, back when I was first attempting the convert-the-less-kinky-partner-over-to-bdsm thing with M.  This was pretty significant; I was still hurting from Tim and dubious about what kink and power exchange had done to my well-being at the time, but I felt safe enough with M to start testing those waters again.

My little affair with frat boy SR was slightly less inspiring writing material, but there is this cute little moment we had together.  What’s a girl to do, indeed.

And finally: I was a little embarrassed to include this with the other fictional writing, but as much as it slightly mortifies me to have written something this ridiculous, rereading it still arouses me, and makes me laugh, so if nothing else it’ll hopefully insert a little humor into someone else’s day.

With that, I’m off to nurse aching arms from some pretty strenuous climbing as well as an afternoon lesson on throwing a person to the ground, Aikido-style.

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