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I’ve been so busy and so caught up posting at my new blog that I feel I’ve lagged here.  And that busy-ness has even prevented me from posting at the new place a couple times, which makes me wonder just how long it will be before the attempt to post daily is totally abandoned as a lost cause.  I also want to start posting my photos up there too, so perhaps that will help.  God knows I have plenty of photos on my hard drive – and between my photos and music, there is precious little space for anything else.

The past couple of days really have been a whirlwind of activity though.  I have been clocking my hours at the café, and often spend a good chunk of time there afterwards as well, as I’m more productive there where it’s warm; though it’s easy to get distracted, especially if there’s something involving rope going on.

I’ve also been spending mornings at the cafés on my days off as well, attempting to make use of the long corridor of the establishment in my new fanatical obsession with rope-making.  You need to have enough space for three times the length of the rope you want to make, you see; so for a 30 foot length of rope, I need 90 feet of clearance to work in.

I have officially (more or less) signed up to volunteer my Saturday mornings at Femina Potens, and did some organizing and cleaning up at the gallery this past Saturday.  Afterwards was another café shift, and then Sunday morning I went off bright and early to my first studio photoshoot, with a photographer in Redwood City.  It ended up being a six-hour long shoot as well.  Tiring!  But it was a cool and fun experience to have, working in an industrial-looking space with a bunch of official-looking lights and photography equipment and things.  I may, with the photographer’s permission, throw a photo or two from the shoot on here.

Straight from there I drove to Edges for their Knotty Sunday class, this month taught by Janice Stine, with the topic being self bondage.  Lots of fun, though near the end I was extremely tired and hungry and starting to drift.  But there was dinner provided after the class, which was exquisite and delicious, and, after a bit of drifting between conversation and food coma, I finally left the comfortable couch where I was half asleep and got to be tied by Lochai, Janice’s husband and something of a brand-name rigger in the scene.

Quite an interesting experience.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being surprisingly – and pleasantly – intense.  After putting me in a pretty typical chest harness, I was pulled down to the floor and tied in an ebi, though not a severe one.  I had rope around my chest, around my ankles, around my hair – I was pretty happy at that point.  And it was a different rope, a much thinner jute, which I really enjoyed the feel of as well (and which I now want to recreate myself!).

His hands were slightly clammy as he rubbed my arms, but I quickly forgot about that as soon as they gripped my hair and pulled my head up.  A bit of play ensued, involving rope around my neck at one point, his thumb in my mouth pressing up against my hard palate at another point, and other various moments of brief intensity.  We talked for quite a bit afterwards, and then he and Janice went home, and I went back to the couch to doze and relax and chat with the various people around me.

The entire time at Edges was delightful, between getting to connect more with the people there and getting some play time in.  Also, I got to meet Jewel’s new Dom, whose scene name is Animal.  That might just have been the highlight of the whole day.

And then I spent the night at T’s, and we discovered that his TiVo had started recording Kinky Boots, and watched that before going to bed.  Or going to cage, in my case.  I really enjoyed the movie, though I missed a few scenes due to T’s wandering fingers.  Though once the movie ended T surprised me with a small ceramic heater to lend me for the colder months.  I had complained to him over chat earlier in the week about the coldness of my apartment (who haven’t I complained about the cold to?).  It was really a sweet gesture, and will I’m sure be a lifesaver for me.

In the morning, as ever, T had concocted an elaborate bondage session with me, with nipple torture as a warm-up while I was still locked in the cage.  Then I was let out, only to immediately be pushed onto my stomach on the floor, my arms bound behind my back.  I would then discover that, with enough tightening, my elbows can almost touch.  Painfully, and my arms started losing feeling almost immediately, but it is possible.

While I was still trying to get my bearings and breathe into the bondage (done with black sashes this time instead of rope), T shoved a folded piece of fabric into my mouth and bound more of the sash around my head, a crude but effective gag.  The sash continued around and covered my eyes as well.  He flipped me onto my back, then proceeded to continue abusing my chest.  I think I may have screamed a couple of times.  Maybe it was when he bit down on my breast and lifted his head straight up.  And then repeated on the other side.

He really pushed my pain limits that morning.  Between the elbows almost touching and the heavy biting, I was in a lot of pain.  And still it continued, until he finally pulled me up by a nipple and led me to the bathroom.  He elicited some spectacularly painful/pleasurable reactions from me, mostly directed to my nether regions, and then hooked my arms up into a strappado so that, head hanging level with his waist, I could give him some attention as well.

At this point my arms were becoming an alarming shade of blue, though not helped by my straining my head down so I could get all of his cock in my mouth.  I hadn’t told him, but the whole week prior, I’d been craving having my mouth filled like this.  Thoughts of my mouth being stuffed would make me salivate as I lay in bed, or drove to work, or while on my laptop, or…

Sadly, T did not let me whet my appetite completely, and soon after he let me down and untied my arms.  Slowly.  I swear I could feel the blood rushing down to fill my arms, a the sensation that felt like the filling up of a glass of cool water.  Followed quickly by stinging pins and needles and an incredible stiffness.

But gradually my arms came back to life, and after a rejuvenating shower it was a quick breakfast and T was off to work.  I had work myself later in the afternoon.

So it was back up to the city, playing catch-up on some weekend correspondence and working for the evening at the café with a short break in the middle to go attend a volunteer meeting at the art gallery before trotting back to the café to help close up.

I find myself increasingly booked with events, work, get-togethers, and commissioned design and animation work.  Amazing how quickly it’s happened and how much I feel overwhelmed yet optimistically driven to make it all work.  I’ve just finished putting together my new bed frame from Psychokitty, as they got a new bed, and am lying in it, in my now much-cozier room, and feeling like some small pieces are finally falling into place in this new life I’ve made for myself.

Good night, San Francisco.  You act like an entitled bitch sometimes, but maybe, just maybe, this arrangement will work after all…

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