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October ’09

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October had been a busy busy month indeed, and there are still 10 more days left!  I’m really excited to celebrate Halloween in San Francisco, although I still have no clue what my costume will be.  And, to be honest, I am neither much of a party-er nor a trick-or-treater.  But I love the holiday nonetheless.  It will be weird to celebrate it in an area where the change in seasons is not as distinct, and there is none of the bite of upcoming frost in the wind, nor the crisp, spicy scent of apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin.

I guess I am just a little nostalgic.  In any case, I’ve had quite a month: battling the flu for a week, having my car broken into (and, once I got the car cleaned up, I discovered the GPS cord hadn’t been taken at all, just flung into the backseat),  starting to work morning shifts at Wicked Grounds, attending a Tom Petty cover band concert, spending the weekend with T, shoe-shopping, and attending the monthly rope peer workshop at Edges.  I seem to be spending very little time at home.

I’m not complaining.  It makes the time I do spend at home all the more valuable and appreciable.

So, let’s see.  I think the real highlight was spending this past weekend in San José with T and 3 of his other lady friends and sometimes play partners.  I went as his pet again, complete with the same collar I wore for our IKEA outing.  It was quite fun!  I met T after my work shift at the café, and we drove to Edges for a kinky yard sale/swap.  I found a couple of old books for free, including one dictionary and atlas from 1939.  T bought a ball gag from the table across from us, complete with alternate gags and attachments, which he insisted I try out.

Afterward we met up with the others for dinner and the concert.  I thoroughly enjoyed the company I was with, as well as the concert, though by the time it finished at 1am, I was pretty well spent.  I think even T was pretty tired, because after we’d dropped everyone else off and gone home, we went to bed after I gave him a brief foot rub.  I luckily got to sleep on the guest bed, albeit with my ankle chained to it.  It’s a very curious feeling and did wake me up a few times throughout the night, as I would move my foot and cause the chain to rustle around and sometimes slide against my other leg.

Sunday…ah, Sunday.  The morning was rather a delirious blur of orgasm after orgasm.  I was fucked into a mindless puddle with a metal dildo that has a large rounded ball at one end.  It was painful going in, but my God did I want to keep it in.  It got to the point where he was more or less forcing orgasms out of me with the dildo and his fingers.  Complete sensory overload.

And then we showered and it was time to go help a friend of his unload a truckload of furniture and belongings into a storage unit.

Then Monday I drove down again to go shoe-shopping with a mutual friend of T’s – I’m going to call her Jewel – and we managed to spend 3 hours in two stores trying on shoes.  I finally decided on two pairs of fairly tall high heels, which is a little ambitious given my inexperience with heels.  But after the post-Folsom dinner I attended with Max – in a restaurant with business casual dress code, and where I wore a more formal dress but only had my black Teva flip flops to wear with it – I decided I really did need at least one pair of decent heels for the occasional formal event.  Considering I never went to any formal events at college (I was more or less a social recluse), I’d never previously felt the need to own nice shoes.

Then Tuesday was the monthly rope peer workshop at Edges, which is always a good time.  I got to tie a couple people up, and everyone had fun doing microbondage with twine, yarn, string, and crochet hooks.  I also wore one of the shoes I’d bought the day before.  By the end of the night my feet were definitely throbbing, but it was fun clopping around in them for the evening.  And I even got treated to a foot rub by T when we went back to his place!  More rope play ensued, and some foot play as well.

Needless to say, I went to work this morning with lots of rope blisters.  But considering my current place of employment also sells bondage rope, I was not quite as worried about the marks showing.

And then there’s this upcoming weekend.  Jewel invited a bunch of people to a comedian’s show this Friday and has planned afterward to have a big slumber party at T’s place.  Yes, I have actually regressed 15 years at the thought.  I am thoroughly enjoying this mental picture I have of a bunch of giggling girls surrounding one hapless guy (yeah right).  Who doesn’t love a sleepover?

Sometimes, sometimes, I sit back a little, review these events and relationships I have become a part of, and wonder: Is this really my life?  How did a person like me end up so…happy?

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