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HNT: Clothespins


So since I’m going to be up anyway working like mad to finish some website work, I thought I might as well swing over here and procrastinate a bit on a post (like we do).  Last week, while grocery shopping, I looked up in the cleaning products aisle and saw a pack of 48 wooden clothespins hanging along a shelf.  I had to buy them.  I’ve had this idea of making photographs involving clothespins on the body for so long now, but the (admittedly few) places I looked only sold plastic clothespins, and I wanted wooden ones.

Later in the evening, I excitedly took out a few clothespins and my (now newly recharged) camera to test things out.  Well, it was definitely an interesting learning experience, finding where the pins worked and held on.  I only did my extremities this time – can only handle so much of this at once.  (Some may disagree with this.)


The rest of the photos can be seen here.  Yeah, I had fun with Lightroom.

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