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HNT: Show and Tell

This is more of a show-and-tell than an actual HNT, but you can see a couple naked fingers with spectacularly bad cuticles.  Also, due some equally bad planning, I am out one camera battery charger, so I am back to using my little point and shoot for the time being.

After over a month of waiting and grumbling about international shipping, I finally got my hemp rope from Rawganique! I spent a night washing and drying the rope, then another day burning the fuzzies off with a homemade alcohol lamp in my studio, rewashing, and then drying the rope under tension.

I purchased a one kilogram spool and got roughly 124 feet, so I cut the rope into two 30s, one 50, and the leftover I kept as a short 14′.  I finished all the rope with palm and needle whipping except for one 30 that I ended with double wall knots.
I’m not going to oil or dye the hemp though.  I like the way it feels now, and it’ll soften with use.  Though I am still on the fence about the distinct and still-strong barnyard smell.

Mmmm, rope.  Rope rope rope.  I think I’m in love…

Speaking of love, I have been reorganizing sidebar links and adding to the much-outdated blogrolls.  I’ve been on the prowl for sexy art sites, and the results make me swoon with artlust:

There is the newly released and scintillating site F/lthy Gorgeous Th/ings; the photo-tumblr-blogs Le Chagrin, Male Submission Art, SubstratuM, and Synthetic Pubes; and two sweet and erotic art-blogs, @mateurdart and Sex in Art.  Finally there’s French photographer Freddy Rapin.  Go take a look-see at these gorgeous, sexy, visually orgasmic places.  And I’m always, always open to finding more sites of similar quality and composition, so send recommendations my way!

I’m off to lie in the sun and play with my rope.

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  1. Dov
    May 30, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    its looking very good indeed 😉

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