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Sextoys.com wish-list

So there is a contest going on over at Sextoys.com, and I’ve finally compiled my own entry to submit.  The idea is to create a wishlist composed of products offered on the sponsor’s site, totalling no more than $1000.  I built my list using a few general principles: toys that are light and travel-friendly, innocuous-looking, aesthetically pleasing, and practical.  There are also just a few I’m very curious about.  All in all, the sum of the wishlist doesn’t come close to $1000, but I can only assume the contest isn’t about trying to get as close to that number as possible, but building an ideal personal toy collection.  So, here is mine:

  1. Smart Balls: I’ve always been a fan of Fun Factory’s products for their quality and fun, quirky approach to making toys, and together with the desire to practice Kegels more often, these Smart Balls are a perfect addition to my toy bag.
  2. ELISE white vibrator: I admit, when I first started making my wishlist, that I wanted to fill it all with LELO products, but in the end limited it to my top three, starting with this beautiful, white, rechargeable vibrator.
  3. GIGI Deep Rose: I have been searching for my ideal G-spot vibrator since I have a very sensitive G-spot, and this is a top contender that I simply have never been able to test out for myself.
  4. LILY Black: Besides being a LELO product (and thus rechargeable and waterproof), I’ve added the LILY for its beautiful shape, miniature size, and matte black finish.
  5. OhMiBod: Ever since I first read of the OhMiBod through the Lazy Geisha, I’ve been curious about this music-driven vibrator.
  6. Maximus Personal Lubricant: I’ve only ever used Astroglide, but after trying Maximus lube a couple times, I’m definitely switching over!
  7. Bondage tape: Besides fulfilling the light and innocuous guidelines I set for myself, I love bondage tape for its multiple uses and possibilities for use in fetish photography.
  8. Nipple clamps jaws with chain: I both hate and love nipple play, since they are both sensitive and tolerant of pain (mostly), and I’ve only ever used clothespins on them, so I’d like to try out my first set of nipple clamps!
  9. Trojan Magnum Thin 12 pack: One can never have enough condoms, and for whatever reason, I have a track record of being with larger-than-average sized partners, so this is a definite must.
  10. Trojan Regular 36 pack: But, just to show that I am no size queen, I also like keeping plenty of regular condoms on hand too.
  11. Bendybeads: Another Fun Factory toy I’ve been eyeing, as I am interested in anal bead play both for myself and with a partner.
  12. MicroFibre Top and Panties: I couldn’t resist adding something that is so cute and in a style I enjoy, not to mention the fact that I am always running out of underwear and own almost no bras.
  13. Kama Sutra Massage Oil: I find massage to be a very intimate and bonding experience, and enjoy giving massages to friends, family, and lovers; I don’t usually use oils, and am eager to try out Kama Sutra’s “Healing Blend” oil.
  14. Black Cotton Rope: Ever since rediscovering my love of rope bondage a few months back, I have been eager to build up a respectable stock of rope for both others to use on me and for me to practice my ties on any willing victi – I mean partners.
  15. Mini Whip Paddle: Spank me if this isn’t the smallest, cutest whip I’ve ever seen!
  16. Poly Rod: I was drawn to this cane as soon as I clicked on the link, and it promises to be sexy, indestructable, and to make your sub beg for mercy (that would be me).
  17. Fetish Fantasy Series Kit: I admit I picked this as much for the bag as for the delightful array of toys inside, because no toy collection is complete without a travel bag, and I’ve already made sure everything on this list is travel-friendly, dammit.
  18. Hitachi Magic Wand: Believe it or not, I don’t own a Hitachi, and I actually deliberated whether or not to put this on here since it is the bulkiest item and requires an outlet to operate, but, really, it is such a fantastic vibrator that I decided to include it, making it the 5th vibrator on this list.

Total: $879.02

And here is a link to the contest rules.  Fingers crossed!

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