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New poll up on the sidebar as a nod to this weekend, where I may or may not end up in a hotel with a couple for a night of scandal and intrigue.

Wow, that doesn’t sound sketchy at all!

I plan to attend Bound in Boston‘s next event, a “micro-con” that lasts pretty much all afternoon and evening on Saturday.  I was already excited by the prospect of volunteering for Dov’s suspension demo and perhaps getting to experience a caning (among several other evil proposals that left me gasping and not a little terrified), but a couple that I’ve been chatting with and getting to know are interested in meeting up then, and we may stay in the area overnight.  Though of course if there isn’t the chemistry or if they end up not being able to go, I’ll still have backup places to crash.  So I think I have all bases covered.

I am also eager to revisit the delicious Taiwanese restaurant I went to on my last Boston outing and order a nice big bowl of 牛肉麵 – that’s beef noodle soup to you.

I tend to monitor my monetary expenses closely, and I realize that I am splurging quite a bit on this whole trip (gas money, ticket to the  micro-con, eating out at least for lunch and dinner in Boston), but since I am going there, I might as well enjoy it fully.  And, yes, this is a splurge for a post-graduate intern!

I’m also feeling the anxiety and internal pressure to hunt for jobs, and to that end I set up a CrazedList job search for general graphic design work.  Not that design is my only marketable skill, but I figure it’s a start for now; since my search runs through several majors cities of several states I’m interested in living in, it should give me plenty of results to filter through without adding even more keywords.

In any case, I know this is going to be one distracted week.  I hope I don’t do anything stupid at work because I’m wondering what it’ll feel like with two bodies pressed against mine instead of one…

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