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It is that time of month again, and once more I feel the heaviness of a hormone-driven lust thick in my veins.  It pools in my arms, the tips of my fingers, melts to lava between my legs.  I cannot stop the flood; I can only submit to it.

Images crowd and jostle for dominance in my mind as most erotic and animalistic: being abruptly taken by a stranger, so hard and fast I don’t have time to breathe; a musky cock driven so far down my throat that I can’t breathe; multiple pairs of roaming hands having their way with my hypersensitive skin, prodding, pinching, pulling, scratching.  Penetrating.

Suffice to say, my Kegels have been getting their workout and are hungry for something solid to grip.  Feed them?

I have started watching Californication, and my God is there a lot of sex in that show.  Hard not to love a show where the first episode opens with David Duchovny getting a blowjob from a nun.  And now, 3 episodes in, kink is making an appearance too, namely a devious bottom secretary and her boss.  Episode 3 has her bare bum over his lap, and he gives in so easily to her wiles.  I swear my own ass tingled upon hearing the first spank.  That’s the Pavlovian response for you – I miss getting a good spanking, and so does my butt.

And I’ve always crushed on David Duchovny in X-files since childhood.  Seeing him actually getting some action in bed is…well, quite a visual orgasm for me.  (Again with the older men…sigh).

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