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Happy passing of 2008, cheers to the tentative future

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I have been celebrating with orgasms galore via my favorite vibrator.  The resident fatcat is purring contentedly on my lap, and the sounds of cake-baking are emanating from the kitchen.  All in all, a quiet but satisfying transition into 2009.  I will wake up tomorrow feeling no different, and I’ve never made a new year’s resolution in my life.

This upcoming year, though, I do have several promises to make to myself, among them to join a P.E. class and burn away the depressives, make a visit to the pottery studio at least once weekly, and continue to follow the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as my new additions, the Rachel Maddow Show, House, and Californication.  I will continue knitting and learning the guitar, and I want to learn to use the metal shop’s oxyacetylene, TIG, and MIG welders and try my hand at some metal sculpture work.  I have an art show to prepare for, which will involve lots of woodworking, and lots of other pet projects and ideas on hold.

I have also made it a point to start reading more on the events occurring in the Middle East, as I do have a close friend studying in Lebanon.  The recent Gaza bombings have incited my interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In reading the comments alone on online news reports, it’s easy to see the great amount of anger, grudge-holding, nationalism, patriotism, and finger-pointing on both sides that will only make it that much harder to get beyond the fighting.

2009 will, at the least, be a very busy year, especially once I’m done with my internship and (hopefully) finally able to move out West like I had originally planned.


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