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hypersexuality, et le cercle est complet

October 25, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I finally came out last weekend, our campus’ Homecoming weekend, to a girl I barely knew at the beginning of the day.  But by the end of the night we were sharing the kinds of personal stories I’ve never even told my oldest friend.  At one point, we were talking about making out (half-seriously, but the potential was there), when she asked me how I know that I’m interested in girls.  I blinked, thought for a second, and replied, “I get sexually aroused by them and by the idea of kissing and going down on a girl.”

And it was that simple.  As soon as I said those words, I knew that I no longer belonged in the grey area of “bi-curiosity” anymore.  I really do want to be with another female sometimes.  Though I wonder if, for me, the sexual arousal isn’t so much a product of bisexuality as it is a product of hypersexuality.  When you’ve got a sex drive like mine, gender doesn’t seem to matter much anymore.  I’ve started to realize that I am just obsessed with the sensuality of people being together.  Two beautiful boys kissing, two beautiful girls kissing, a guy and girl kissing – the combination doesn’t matter, it’s just a beautiful thing to watch.

(Yes, I am such a voyeur.  And I got so hot listening to neighbors in the next apartment over fucking while I was in Boston.  But I was also getting ass then, so now I’d probably just be cranky and grumpy listening to people having sex.)


On a related note, I just reread an e-mail I had sent to SR last month, and god would I love to do this to someone right now:

Once I get those pesky clothes off and get her into my bed, I will kiss all up and down her body, spending some quality time on her hopefully perky breasts.  I will trail my mouth down her body slowly, spread her legs with my hands, and start kissing the insides of her thighs.  I won’t go near her pussy until she is begging for me to touch her and grabbing my hair with her hands to pull me to her crotch.  Only then will I start licking in slowly narrowing circles around her clit.  I’ll press my lips in an O around her clit and suck.  Hard.  She will probably be bucking and grinding her hips into my face at this point.  I’ll use both hands to spread her legs as wide as she can go, so that I can really get a good view and lick her completely.

Then, once she is really dripping wet, I’ll tongue fuck her and lap her juices up.  I’ll slide two (maybe three if she can take them) fingers inside her, bent at the knuckle to hit her G-spot.  I’ll keep fingerfucking her with one hand while I work my way back up and kiss her on the lips so that she can taste her own pussy.  If she lets me, I would take her nipple in my free hand and pull and pinch it.  At this point, she will probably be thrashing in the bed, and might already have orgasmed a couple times.  I’ll be able to feel the muscles of her sex convulse around my hand.
When she’s calmed down a bit, I’ll slowly ease my fingers out of her pussy and have her lick my fingers clean.


And, finally, I think I should print this out and put it on the door of my studio:

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