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thoughts during menial labor

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Been spending the day finishing last minute cleanup of the studios.  While tidying up the welding shop, I found several metal pieces, including faucet piping and parts.  Picking it up and examining it, I realized just how much of what is created is taken for granted by the vast majority of consumers.  There is a simple, pure beauty in the radial symmetry of a gear or motor part, and it is the human mind that makes it possible for us to do so much and continues to improve and change the way we live.

It is a weird dichotomy, I suppose.  I believe that we are really no different from other animals with a similar physical makeup, and find it extremely amusing when people are surprised at the similarities that pop up between us and “lesser animals.”  How can we be that different, when we share over half of our genes with fruit flies and mice?  As an Evolutionary Biology professor once explained as the reason he fell in love with that particular field, there is a certain awe in knowing that one gene from the DNA of a fruit fly can replace the congruent gene in a mouse embryo and work, creating a fully developed mouse.  The conservative power of DNA is quite something.

At the same time, I am constantly reminded of the awesome power of the human mind, and the level at which we can both create and destroy.  I found this list of 10 Transhumanist technologies that are feasible within the next thousand years, and the implications of those technologies are as inspiring as they are terrifying.

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