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Tactile love

September 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I think the greatest thing I miss right now is the ability to fall in love with a body again.  I have always regarded the human body as purely beautiful, and I love nothing more than the opportunity to run the pads of my fingertips lightly down the contours of a person’s back, up the hill of their torso and ass, and along the muscles of their legs and arms.  I love tracing a finger along a jawline, down the arrogant curve of a nose, along the arch of pouty lips, across the gentle curve of an eyebrow…


I need to get outside of my own body and into another’s.  It is where I excel, where I am the happiest.  That desire explains why I enjoy giving massages so much, and why I fall so naturally into sexual submission.  I thrive on physical contact.  It grounds and focuses me, and everything else falls away, if only for a moment.  I find exploring the body enthralling; all the senses are engaged in discovery.  I want to smell and taste the unique musk and sweat of another; I want to feel rippling muscle and bone under skin; I want to admire the sight of another beautiful human body.  I want to find tactile love.

I want, I want, I want.

I am babbling.  I am horny.  I am PMSing.

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