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Home sweet … ah, who am i kidding?

Now that I’m home again, I’ve got lists of chores, unpacking and repacking, an upcoming dentist appointment, and home construction to look forward to.  The whole house is getting a makeover from carpet to hardwood flooring, so everything that’s on the floor has to be moved elsewhere.

But during the day, when I’m completely alone in the house, my hormones take over and all I can think about is sex.  Lots and lots of dirty, violent sex.  And getting myself off is always a complicated affair when I have my period.  So in the shower I go, and get down and dirty with my waterproof rabbit (which I also reviewed for EdenFantasys) and a clothespin attached to my nipple.  I really do love painful stimuli, and all the more when I’m menstruating, I think.  Why else would I have thought to seek out the clothespin before getting in the shower?

Knowing I was completely alone gave my voice the rare freedom to enjoy and revel in my masturbatory session (not that I hadn’t been tempted to put on a little show, both aurally and visually, for the neighbors, but with 4 other housemates I could never let myself go completely.  Except for one time that involved the rabbit and a buttplug, but that’s for another time).  I let the moans dribble out of my throat and past my tongue, protruding obscenely from my open mouth.  I fucked myself fast-and-furiously, letting the lukewarm water clean away the blood dripping off the rabbit and onto my hands.  The clothespin slid off with a jolt that sent renewed pain coursing through my body, and I pinched the freed nipple between two fingers as if milking out the sensations.  Between the vibrator, the water, and my pulsing nipple, I went into sensory overdrive and came, long and fucking hard.

God I needed that.  Hours later, and my nipple is still sensitive to the touch.   Mmmm.

  1. September 15, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    mmm very hot! thanks for the story! 😉

  1. December 1, 2008 at 2:00 am

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