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The 30

I am happily exhausted from a 10-hour excursion to Six Flags New England, but I wanted to get this list up, for long-term planning purposes, before I pass out.  Via TheFrisky:

30 Places to Have Sex Before You’re 30

  1. The zoo
  2. Behind a waterfall
  3. Work utility closet
  4. Ladies Lounge At Radio City Music Hall
  5. In the woods (and got fuckin’ bitten half to death by mosquitoes) – summer ’07
  6. Police mobile unit
  7. Kitchen (counter, floor, restaurant, against the refrigerator) – HOT
  8. On your desk at work
  9. Public transportation (bus, subway, taxi, water taxi, ferry, trolley)
  10. On the floor – SO FUCKING HOT
  11. On a grand piano (a la Pretty Woman)
  12. On a roof
  13. Playground (note: not when kids are around, please!)
  14. On a boat/dingy/catamaran
  15. Golf course at night
  16. In a room with mirrors
  17. In an airplane restroom
  18. On the beach
  19. On a bear skin rug (bonus: in front of a roaring fire)
  20. In a tent
  21. In your childhood bedroom
  22. In a body of water (river, lake, creek, ocean, puddle) – summer ’07
  23. On the hood of a car – spring ’06
  24. In a department store dressing room
  25. In an elevator
  26. On a staircase
  27. On top of the washing machine while it’s running
  28. Bar bathroom
  29. In your parent’s bed
  30. In a field at sunset (bonus: a corn field or on a barrel of hay)

Looks like I have some work to do!


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