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A sex toy review

I recently just submitted and got published my fourth sex toy review over at Edenfantasys. It was for a pair of nickel handcuffs that I had requested back in May, but due to their revamping the review program, only received mid-July.  So since then I’ve tested them out a couple of times and finally sat down to write the review last week.  As someone who has experimented with far more toys than an average person might see in a lifetime, I really enjoy sharing my experiences in a meaningful way that might help that average person find what she’s looking for.

And as I mention in the review, this is not the first time I’ve owned a pair of handcuffs.  My first boyfriend bought a pair of Smith and Wesson ‘cuffs for me, and I took them with me after I left him.  Sadly, they were discovered and thrown out by a horrified mother.  I know better now: Hide not thy sex toys in the nightstand dresser!

But I digress.  Though the S&W cuffs were undoubtedly high quality, I was pleasantly surprised that the cheaper handcuffs from Edenfantasys had an equally nice weight to them.  You can read the whole review yourself if you want, but I thought I’d give one of my more recent reviews a little limelight.

In short: handcuffs are sweet.  And shiny.

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