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Yellow fever?

I’m sitting in bed watching the NBC Olympics coverage online, specifically the USA vs Japan men’s soccer game. And realizing that I am finding the Japanese players just as attractive as the US players…this even with the typical ridiculously Japanese hair they have! I wonder if this is a side effect of finally dating another Asian, or if I am just entering a new trend in what I find attractive. I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a close friend about how the traits of past boyfriends affected her future ones. Namely, she found that each guy was, in some ways, the opposite of her most recent ex, whether physically, personality-wise, academically, or some combination thereof.

I don’t know if that holds true for me, but then again, I have a much smaller sample size to work with. And each guy I’ve been with has given me his fair share of “firsts” in terms of experiences. I suppose that, what with SR being my first Asian (and, importantly, one who is neither Japanese nor Korean), he has trumped the other two by being automatically acceptable to my mother. He’s the first guy I have been able to talk with her openly about without fear of judgment or repercussion, which is a nice change. He is also the youngest, the tallest, and the one with the least emotional baggage out of my trio. And the one I’ve found to have the closest sense of humor to my own. (This can only mean trouble and an excess of lowbrow comedy).

Catching up with another friend on local gossip, I heard how a mutual guy friend had told his ex that “whoever I’m with at the time, that’s who I’m in love with.” I don’t know about love, but I can’t stop thinking about the penis of the guy I’m with.

SR returns from Beijing on Monday!

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