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Adding to the feed

I honestly cannot believe I hadn’t found these two blogs till now. Both are written by current college students, both female and Chinese. It’s like I’ve found the rest of my niche! I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve blogsurfed others’ feeds, or I probably would’ve run into them sooner.

Lena’s Sex and the Ivy reminds me so much of both myself and a close friend of mine that it is uncanny. It is at once both refreshing and scary that there are more people like me out there. As Samwise Gamgee said, “An eye-opener, and no mistake.”

And then there’s Zoe’s On top of the sheets with the light on and your mom watching. A Pomona student studying economics, she writes a sex column for one of their student publications, and the blog seems to have begun as an extension of that. I haven’t read too much of the archives, but this one post really left a deep impression on my (admittedly impressionable) mind. She writes about why she doesn’t support the Olympics, and how it has nothing to do with Tibet, communism, or human rights.

Reading about these two women, and in particular the first and all the flack she gets about being a college sex blogger, make me wonder at their courage (or perhaps audacity) in writing under their legal names. Even without all the baggage from the ex, I’m not sure I would be able to write as honestly and openly under my real name. That may change with time, I suppose. Though it does make me wonder how things could have been different in school, if I’d come out of my shell sooner. Would it have mirrored the lives of these girls more closely? As it was, I graduated just as I was beginning to regain some kind of sexual confidence and self-esteem.

That’s okay, though, because all of that newfound confidence is getting aimed straight at SR. I don’t think he minds.

Speaking of SR, though, I got a thoroughly unexpected package today, which turned out to be a vase of flowers from him, complete with a sweetly written card. Damn. This is actually the first time I’ve ever gotten flowers from a guy. Unless you count the flowers my parents got me for graduation. So I am left speechless, all smiles, and even more impatient for his return.

It’s only been a month, yet I can feel that damned L-word creeping into my mind. I am regressing to the teenage-level-gushhood I never got to properly experience as a teenager.

Bring on the squeals.

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