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Needs. I has them.

SR is taking a vacation in Beijing for the Olympics, and I am left without a warm body and consistently available hard cock for the first time in a month. Considering he’s only gone for 2 weeks, I shouldn’t complain as I’ve gone for much longer without…but it is just so good. And I miss his company, too, of course! I realized how much of my social life already consisted of being with SR once he left, and how he commandeered all of my time starting from the moment I moved into this apartment.

That’s not so good. I need to get a wider social base or risk becoming isolated and depressed like I was in Taiwan. Having housemates helps a lot, especially housemates that are always inviting me out with them. Yay.

But, really, though. I miss his cock. And his dirty mouth. A few nights before he flew out to China, SR stopped by, basically for a booty call, and almost as soon as I stood up to greet him as he walked into the room, he had me bent over the bed and my shorts half-off. I had just showered, and had my hair in a braid to make it more manageable, as I hate the feeling of the wet mop of hair stuck to my back. He grabbed the braid, making my back arch, as he thrust into me. In that position he was going almost too deep, mixing a little pain into my pleasure.

I was enjoying it for awhile and really getting into it, and I really wanted him to come inside me. So I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass, to which he could only moan in pleasure. Mmmmmm. It was, again, painful at first, especially since we, again, didn’t use any lube. I really need to introduce SR to my friend Astroglide.

Then, as usual, it started to feel good. Really, really good. Once it got to the point where I could push my hips back as hard as he was thrusting, it was fucking heaven. But then I noticed he was getting soft. Whaaaaat? How is that even possible? We keep going for a bit, trying to keep it up, but finally he pulls out, sweat dripping off his forehead and shoulders. A bit puzzled, I ask if he wants to change position, but he says no, he’s too sweaty.

“Also, you’re kinda bleeding…”

I leap off the bed to save my sheets and check. Yup, blood. But I could swear my period wasn’t due for another few days! What a disappointment. So we both hop in the shower to clean off, and once the water’s running nice and hot, we soap each other up and things get heated again. I ask, “so is everything clean down there?” as I lather up his groin and he rinses himself off. He turns to face me and pushes down on my shoulders, replying, “Why don’t you find out?”

I take his now-fresh-smelling and newly hard cock in my mouth, start working him up. He takes over and starts murmuring about coming on my face, so I go along with that, talking a little dirty while taking sporadic licks at his head. With a long groan, he starts to come, and long strands of spunk land across my face. It was a bit of a surprise, but other than that I didn’t mind. I suppose I feel dirtier now that I’ve had come on my face though. It was a first for me…usually it goes on my belly, in my belly, or in my mouth.

Anyway, that was a nice memory to recollect in SR’s absence. And I used so many different verb tenses in this post that I can’t even read it over to edit. Ugh. Time for bed!

[edit]: oh, and as it turned out, I didn’t have my period. We were just being really rough, I guess?

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