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Last night, after a long session of reconnecting from four days of not seeing each other, during which I was basically fucked senseless, SR and I showered, dried off, and put some clothes back on. He reached over to hug me, and I playfully ducked away, asking if he was sure he had dried off completely, because I didn’t want to get wet again.

“Oh, you don’t want to get wet again? You sure?” He teased, and he cupped his hand between my thighs. I laughed and backed off, pushed him away, assuring him that I had no energy left. Suddenly his hands were at my shoulders and pushing me against a wall. He leaned into my body, effectively pinning me to the wall, and started nipping at my neck and ear.

I’m pretty sure you can still get wet.

Well, what’s a girl to do? I melted under his ministrations, let his body support my weight, and felt myself getting moist again. Damn him. Guess he was right.

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