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I finally feel like I’m settling nicely into my new apartment, which is a bit outside Boston. It’s been a whirlwind couple days, first finding an apartment willing to let me move in the same day, then job-searching and finding a pretty sweet job involving photography and tourism and sales commissions. I have 3 (sometimes 4) quirky and friendly roommates, who took me out that first night I moved in to get a taste of the Boston nightlife. We moved from bar to house party and finally to a breakfast diner at 6am the next morning.

I think it is safe to say that I, country mouse that I am, have become smitten with the city. And not just the city. That same night that turned into an all-night fiesta, I met a guy. He is cute, and nerdy (redundant, I know), and if he is anything to go by, the stereotype of the size of certain Asian male body parts is completely wrong. Not to mention all the other ways we seem to fit together well. So I am starting off life in this city on an extremely positive note.

‘Course, I also got my car towed, and am still learning the timing of the subways here.

I should point out a few things about the apartment I am renting. I said earlier that I have 3, sometimes 4 housemates. That is because I haven’t actually met one of them yet, as she is currently in NY. But the other 3 all have welcomed me with open arms, and are really quite personable. But it is definitely a college-aged student’s apartment. The sink is full to the brim with unwashed dishes. The TV is always on regardless of there being anyone in the house. Half the time my housemates sleep on the living room couch. And the two guys smoke, while the other girl smokes hookah. All smoke pot; the girl has a bong. There is always alcohol in plentiful supply.

Things have certainly changed since I was a straight-edge, shy freshman entering college!

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