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You dirty dirty console you

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Found at Dueling Analogs

Found at Dueling Analogs

I love dirty video game humor.
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Hungry and horny…a bad combination when you’re awake and alone at 7 in the morning.


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turn yourself inside out

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The latest addition to my blogfeed, turnyourselfin, details the deliciously decadent adventures of a college girl named zoey. She reminds me so much of a close friend of mine, from her race (Asian) to her description of her short legs, to her sexcapades, that it made me wonder…but no, she’s located in Orange County.

Solid quality writing, scandously graphic details, and the fact that she’s near my age? Mmmm…

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road trippin’ with my two favorite allies

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I spent the weekend on a road trip with SR and various friends he picked up/dropped off along the way, ending in New Jersey at, of all things, a car show. It’s called Waterfest and apparently a prime event to geek over VWs and Audis at. Saw some pretty slick cars, heard plenty of things I couldn’t decipher, and probably got 3 shades darker from being in the sun (not to mention the reflection off all those cars and motors). I walked around a bit with my tongue plastered to the roof of my mouth, refusing to pay the $3 for the tiny drinks they had at vendors all around the event.

Later we met up with some of the guys from Waterfest and SR got to drive a friend’s modded Audi on the highway to see how fast it could go. And sitting in the back, feeling the vibrations of the car and the exhilaration from the speed coursing through my body, I got a glimpse at what it really means to drive a car. Mmmmmm. Hot hot hot.

But perhaps not as hot as the teasing that occurred the night before the show, when SR, one of his guy friends, and I crashed at a cheap motel for the night. In a tiny one-bed room. So the friend slept on the floor by the bathroom, and SR and I shared the bed. And as soon as SR got under the covers, his boxers came off and he pulled my hand over to feel his erection. And I was thinking, I don’t want to be that couple that has sex in the same room as a friend and makes things awkward for him. I mean, he was already sleeping on the floor!

But it felt good to grip his hard-on in my fist, and after awhile we started spooning and I could feel how hot his crotch was. It was getting me horny, and him rubbing me from behind just made it harder to refuse. So I pulled my shorts off as quietly as I could and pulled his cock to me, and he slid in easily. God. It was so difficult to stay quiet and not gasp/fuck him back/moan, which just turned me on even more. And I’m sure the bed was shaking in a very obvious way. It was amazingly hot, despite the fact that we were on our sides and couldn’t fuck hard or fast. He wrapped his arms around me in a body hug that also pushed me deeper onto his cock, and I was slowly being driven crazy from the slow buildup, silence, and underlying intensity of the moment.

SR pulled out and I tried to let out my breath quietly, until I felt a finger pressing against my ass.

Oh. He wants it there.

It wasn’t completely unexpected; SR has made it obvious in past romps in bed that he wants to fuck my ass. And that night, after getting teased for what seemed like forever, I was feeling more than a little malleable and compliant. I let him open me up with his finger, which felt amazing, and then guided his cock to my anus, already puckering in defense. He slid inside surprisingly easily, and I couldn’t help gasping then. I always get more vocal during anal sex, and I knew that I could not do this with his friend 20 feet away.

Not to mention it has been a pretty long while since I was last fucked in the ass, and after the initial entrance, every movement he made burned with pain. I grabbed his hips to stop him from moving, turned my head so my lips were near his ear, and whispered at him to slow down. He whispered back, wanting to know if it was okay, so I nodded but repeated my request to slow down, it’s been awhile. I guess he sensed something was wrong and just pulled out completely. Only to try penetrating me in the pussy again. I grabbed hold of him and asked what he thought he was doing. He told me he wanted to fuck me, and, exasperated, I told him there was no way he could now that he had been in my ass.

Oh, right. Good call.

Dear lord. That made me wonder for the rest of our trip whether or not he’d had anal sex before. But it seems like mere common sense that that kind of shit cannot be done except in pornos catering to those kinds of fetishes. I suppose, though, that ass-to-mouth is so commonplace now that the concept is just desensitized? I have no idea, but the thought icks me out. Not my kink, thanks.

But I felt bad cockblocking him, so when I heard him start to jerk himself off, I moved down the bed and hovered my mouth by his cock, telling him that I wanted his cum in my mouth. That helped him ejaculate pretty quickly, even though for the most part my mouth wasn’t really touching him.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, when we finally find ourselves back in Boston, and more importantly alone. We park his car at my place, and he goes straight to the shower while I relax for a bit in my room. He comes into my room as I am catching up on my RSS feeds, pulls me across the bed, and pulls all of my clothes off. I’m not as wet anymore after showering, sleeping, and then driving for 2 hours, but slowly he works his way inside me again, standing behind me while I strain on my toes to take him all the way. Our height difference makes some positions a little difficult. But we both love doggie style, so we make it work.

After lots of sex in several positions, we’re back with him fucking me from behind, a finger in my ass. I know what’s coming, and sure enough, he pulls out and I feel pressure against my ass. It’s harder this time, I’m tired and tight and still recovering from the last session. But slowly, I back my way against his cock and feel him penetrate.

God. I don’t know how to describe the feeling of being anally penetrated like that. After the initial painful stretch, I become lost in the deepness of the sensations. Ever since I began exploring my body sexually, anal penetration has drawn my curiosity and intrigue. And it just feels so damn good! He didn’t fuck me too hard, but it felt amazing and it was making my pussy flood. It is like I have an alter-ego with anal sex, too. I am so much more vocal, and talk so much dirtier, than with vaginal sex. I begged for him to fuck me harder, and to cum deep in my ass, and he just couldn’t last. He fell forward spasming from his orgasm, pushing me flat against the bed, his cock still embedded in my ass.

While we both caught our breath, I started playing with myself. SR left to clean up in the bathroom, and came back into the room just as I was starting to come myself. He traced fingers down my back as I was shuddering, before turning to lie on his back as I started breathing normally again.

I do believe anal sex makes me come the easiest. Probably something to do with the massive amounts of fluid that I leak during it.

Recalling all these details of this morning is making me achy again. So I’ll leave off here while I attend to my needs.



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Alright, I think I’m done fiddling around with the blog design…for now. I only use Firefox, so if there are issues with other browsers, I’d be grateful for the heads up!

In other news…I’ve got two job interviews lined up for today. Hoping to get one, or else I’ll probably end up at Starbucks. Which really wouldn’t be anything to complain about.

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July 16, 2008 1 comment

Last night, after a long session of reconnecting from four days of not seeing each other, during which I was basically fucked senseless, SR and I showered, dried off, and put some clothes back on. He reached over to hug me, and I playfully ducked away, asking if he was sure he had dried off completely, because I didn’t want to get wet again.

“Oh, you don’t want to get wet again? You sure?” He teased, and he cupped his hand between my thighs. I laughed and backed off, pushed him away, assuring him that I had no energy left. Suddenly his hands were at my shoulders and pushing me against a wall. He leaned into my body, effectively pinning me to the wall, and started nipping at my neck and ear.

I’m pretty sure you can still get wet.

Well, what’s a girl to do? I melted under his ministrations, let his body support my weight, and felt myself getting moist again. Damn him. Guess he was right.

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and the movie title that describes my sex life is: 2 Fast 2 Furious?

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I’m dating a fuckin’ street racer.* I never ever expected this to happen. Ever.

But damn, I do love watching him work his gear shift.

Things sure are getting exciting in the city. SR, I’ll call him, and I are well on our way to exploring each other’s sexual deviations. Glory of glories, one day when we only had a little time together, we were teasing each other verbally (mostly), and he insinuated that he would love to just tie me up and have his way with me.

And then there was the night he was rubbing my back and gave me a playful spank inbetween rubs – testing the waters, no doubt. And that time he took a handful of hair to pull my head back for a kiss; and, and, and…

Oh, I am going to have fun this summer.

The fact that I am jobless again doesn’t change that sentiment one bit.

* By night, of course. He has a cubicle job by day, heehee. And he is definitely not what you and I imagine a street racer to look like, which is probably a Vin Diesel derivative thanks to the movies.

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travels and travailler

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I finally feel like I’m settling nicely into my new apartment, which is a bit outside Boston. It’s been a whirlwind couple days, first finding an apartment willing to let me move in the same day, then job-searching and finding a pretty sweet job involving photography and tourism and sales commissions. I have 3 (sometimes 4) quirky and friendly roommates, who took me out that first night I moved in to get a taste of the Boston nightlife. We moved from bar to house party and finally to a breakfast diner at 6am the next morning.

I think it is safe to say that I, country mouse that I am, have become smitten with the city. And not just the city. That same night that turned into an all-night fiesta, I met a guy. He is cute, and nerdy (redundant, I know), and if he is anything to go by, the stereotype of the size of certain Asian male body parts is completely wrong. Not to mention all the other ways we seem to fit together well. So I am starting off life in this city on an extremely positive note.

‘Course, I also got my car towed, and am still learning the timing of the subways here.

I should point out a few things about the apartment I am renting. I said earlier that I have 3, sometimes 4 housemates. That is because I haven’t actually met one of them yet, as she is currently in NY. But the other 3 all have welcomed me with open arms, and are really quite personable. But it is definitely a college-aged student’s apartment. The sink is full to the brim with unwashed dishes. The TV is always on regardless of there being anyone in the house. Half the time my housemates sleep on the living room couch. And the two guys smoke, while the other girl smokes hookah. All smoke pot; the girl has a bong. There is always alcohol in plentiful supply.

Things have certainly changed since I was a straight-edge, shy freshman entering college!

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