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What would Freud say about all this?

In this page out of Sandman: The Doll’s House, the female character, Rosie Walker, says, “Say, whoever you are. Do you know what Freud said about dreams of flying? It means you’re really dreaming about having sex.”

To which Morpheus, Sandman, and Lord Shaper of Dreams, replies, “Indeed? Tell me, then, what does it mean when you dream about having sex?”

I had the most vivid dream last night. And it was about having sex. This dream, however, has stood out in my mind, probably partially because of the lack of any actual sex, and the fact that it feature one of my girl friends. And the fact that we were sharing one guy.

One scene out of the numerous dream-scenes I remember especially clearly was that I rode this guy, helpfully condomed, on top, and I could feel my orgasm cresting with each undulation of my hips. I’ve no memory of who the guy was, but he was thick and hard, and that was all that mattered because I was coming in shallow gasps.

But, no, even that was not the most memorable part of the dream, because it soon cut to my friend’s turn with the guy. And, it still fills my head and my ears to remember it now, they both tore at each other, rough and loud and panting. I watched, awed, as the guy thrust his hands into my friend’s pussy, stretching it and manhandling her, while she moaned for more, harder, faster. It was disturbing, grotesque, but I couldn’t turn away.

And then she is gone, in a room somewhere with another guy, and I am inexplicably filled with a deep and brooding envy, because I want to be in that room. I wander aimlessly around the giant house of endless rooms, ending up in one vaguely reminiscent of my kitchen at home. And here things get even funkier, as dreams often do, because I am suddenly determined to make Jell-O with another friend who has appeared in the kitchen. We mix the powder and add pieces of fruit, but I want it to be sparkling Jell-O, and add flattened seltxer water and Sprite in the attempt.


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