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calm waters…

April 29, 2008 1 comment

It’s been pretty quiet lately, so I haven’t really felt motivated to write here. I have been enjoying being on campus without having to take classes, the silver lining of my mother deciding to withdraw funding for my college education. In response, I managed to graduate a term early in order to avoid taking out a huge loan for spring term classes.

Although there are times I feel out of sync with my friends as they talk of class and papers and exams, I really cannot complain about being officially done with school. It has given me a chance to reassess what I want my life to be about, what is important and makes me happy, and also to earn some money for after I move out of here.

And it’s given me a chance to enjoy more of a nightlife than I’ve ever let myself have.

A long stretch of unexpectedly good weather the past few days gave me a chance to be outside, even to go climbing for a day. I have been knitting, making pottery, and delving more into woodworking in the hopes of eventually finding an apprenticeship in woodworking somewhere on the West Coast, after (official) graduation in June.

But, other than that, there is not much to report. All quiet on this front lately. I kind of hope that changes though…

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April 9, 2008 4 comments

I recently visited a professor at her home in an eco-farming community, a half hour’s drive from campus. Besides getting to see weeks-old lambs and cows, and tasting her homemade jams and honey (she is also a beekeeper), I learned that she was planning on undergoing a “Cleanse” – the way she said it seemed to require capitalizing the C. She wasn’t going to eat any baked goods for a time, though she didn’t clarify for how long.

I may be going through a cleanse of my own, in a way. After several months on the pill, I am considering stopping it now, while I am on my period. I’ve never liked having to rely on medicine, and I’ve always hated the thought of injecting my body with more chemicals than necessary (a product of my mother’s similar feelings). And, well, taking the pill just seems superfluous at this point. Not to mention it’s a pain having to remember to pop a pill every day.

I’ve also decided, after having kept myself shaved for two years, to embrace my pubic hair. Doesn’t that sound like a conversation stopper. But I’ve stopped shaving that area of my body, and what do you know! It doesn’t look that bad, having hair down there. It is actually rather nice, and I understand now the appeal of the womanly bush.

And it’s kind of fun sudzing it up with soap when I’m in the shower.

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