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I have never considered myself a huge painslut. This might seem contradictory, given that I’ve written before about how much I want to be hurt. I suppose what I mean is that I usually don’t like self-inflicted pain. But have someone to administer the pain, and that will take me to cloud nine.

Nipples, however, are an exception (and deliciously so). Lately I have been experimenting with different ways of stimulating them. Clothespins are an old favorite, and I can get to the brink of orgasm with one on my nipple. Just thinking about the way I slowly caress them with my fingers to make them stand to attention, little dark buds, and slowly release the clothespin over it – I cannot do it quickly, that would be too much, I think – and breathing out with the pain as it clamps down; just thinking about that gives me the shivers. And makes my breasts throb a little.

That is usually the extent of my nipple play: a clothespin on a nipple as I masturbate. But, as I said, lately I’ve felt a need to take things further. I’ve started tugging the clothespins, sometimes quite hard; or twisting them; or flicking them up and down. And damn if the sensations don’t go straight to the center of my groin and make me come harder than ever.

That said, I would still prefer to have the external impetus: the command to hurt myself for another’s pleasure or, even better, to have him put the clothespins on himself.

And then put me over his lap and spank me.


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