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My body misses those early mornings with you. Those mornings where I am still three-quarters asleep but you are fully awake, and fully hard. Even though I was mostly asleep those mornings, I still remember the delicious, careful trek your hand makes, running lightly over my back and hips, along my thighs, seeking out the hidden crevice you have come to know so well. Perhaps you begin just by resting, hand cupped, letting the warmth suffuse into my skin. Or perhaps, this morning, you are more insistent, and peel my underwear to the side for immediate access (if I happen to have slept with underwear on). Your fingers slide up and down then, able to stimulate me no matter what position I happen to be in.

I’m now half-awake, but still sleepy enough to only be able to moan into the pillow, at best. Your hands persist despite my inertness, and perhaps it is that fervor that makes me so slick, so quickly (as your fingers find out). Or perhaps I am the weakest and most susceptible to persuasion in the morning. Either way, I am panting heavily now, and my legs seem to spread of their own volition.

I can feel your heavy, heavy hardness pressing against my thigh, and from that point of contact heat radiates into my body. As your fingers continue to work, even as you roll over my body, between my legs, I have become completely open, completely malleable and supple. The heaviness of sleep is still only just beginning to lift, but that veil seems to accentuate the sexual heat emanating from our bodies.

You raise my hips, and I can feel your cock brush between my legs. I hold my breath, waiting for that moment of first penetration, and when it comes I want to scream at the fullness and electricity. But instead my lungs empty out in a drawn-out moan that rises as my back arches.

You are no longer gentle, but ram into me head to hilt, over and over…and over. Your hands grip my waist hard, pulling my body back with each thrust, forcing me to grip the pillow, the bedsheets – anything – for stability.

And then you come, body suddenly tense, the strained guttural moan escaping your lips, cock pulsating inside me, both of us panting, arms and legs quivering.

I’m awake now.

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