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Like my friend Wordslut, I’ve been doing a bit of online reading lately, of the e-erotica kind. More and more of what I read is online, and long gone are those fumbling teenage moments in a hidden corner of the bookstore, a large hardcover at hand to hide the erotica I was really reading.

(What, didn’t everyone do that?)

Anyway, the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository is a great all-encompassing site for fiction (and maybe some non-fiction) writing of the erotic nature. And when I say all-encompassing, I mean it: there is really something for everyone in the story collections, from rape to romance to snuff to bestiality. And luckily there’s a nice set of codes for determining the contents of a story before you click the link, so you do not inadvertantly stumble on a pedophilic story without wanting to.

Mostly, my favorite stories have been coded with MF, M+/F, rape, nc, bdsm, D/s. Hmmm…

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