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On a little tropical island, far far away…

October 10, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

She leaned in a little, feeling her weight shifting through her upper body, the latent energy resting along her shoulders and down the lengths of her arms. She looked down at him, at his eyes sparkling with tolerant amusement at her conquest. Her hands pinned his arms to his side, on his back, on their bed. His arms that her hands could not wrap completely around, that were double the circumference of her own.

She smiled, half-shyly, half-wickedly as she pressed into him, feeling him hardening underneath his boxers so that he, too was pressing against her. She leaned down, long strands of her hair tickling his face and bare chest as she explored his lips with her tongue. She rocked her hips slowly against him, teasing him between that thin layer of cloth. Murmured half-words of pleasure passed through both of their lips, into each other’s mouth, traveling along their tongues.
His hardening cock peeked through the slit in his boxers, and she felt the already slick head prodding her thigh. She shifted her body, aligned him between her legs, and…paused. Looked back at his half-closed eyes. Gripping his arms tightly, she pressed her hips where his cock lay against his belly, feeling the pressure on her clitoris. Slid up the long, hard length of him…then back down. Slowly building up that wonderous, wonderful pressure. Her breaths came in a halting crescendo, drying her lips and throat.
And still she did not let him in. She ground her hips down on his cock, making him groan. She teased the head between her slick folds, backing away when he thrust against them. She felt his arms rippling, the muscles tensing and jerking. His eyes were dark and liquid with lust, and with frustration.
Another undulation of the hips, and his next groan was half-growl. She could feel the tautness of his leg muscles beneath her, straining up, pushing against her body, trying to push through her.
I need to be inside you. It was a plea, a command, a statement of fact. And she did want it as well. Of course. But still she refused, prolonging the inevitable, enjoying depriving herself as much as him.
The next few seconds were a blur. Suddenly she found her world tilted and twisted around. Suddenly he was on top, not she, and her legs were in the air, and he was plunging into her. Her hands hadn’t loosened their grip on his arms – now, instead, they tightened as he filled her completely. They both groaned this time, and her back arched, she raised her hips to accept all of him.
I surrender.
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  1. jayne
    October 13, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    It’s great to have you back. Look forward to seeing more of your lovely little vignettes.

  2. nell
    October 21, 2007 at 6:46 am

    Thanks jayne! I didn’t think I had any readers left!

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