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It’s always about men, isn’t it? Fucking men. And I mean that in the “Goddamn fucking men” sense, not the “fucking men senseless” sense.

A seemingly endless phone call from my father now has me pondering the vast disappointment I have experienced with most of the men in my life-be they family, friends, or lover. How none of those I have wanted to look up to, to respect, have lived up to my expectations. Are they that high and lofty that I cannot accept these shortcomings I find in these men?

Or perhaps it is simply that, after years of supporting my father against my mother’s derisive comments and criticisms, I have found that my mother has been more accurate all along, and my father has fallen far, far short of what I believed of him?

Just thinking about him fills me with an overwhelming, helpless frustration.

But I still feel terrible for my curtness over the phone.

This is one of those days where one feels one should never have gotten out of bed…

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