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verbal love affair


Each syllable beckons to my ear, to listen carefully, listen closely. What vibrates underneath, just under the surface of each melodic sound?

ik-skwiz-it, ek-skwi-zit


A beautiful word in form and utterance. A word that exemplifies the harmony between sound and meaning.

A word that tells a story.

The beginning is elusive; a passing sigh between lips. The allure of the vowel. Quickly it turns into a hiss, the soft subtle friction of slippery cloth against naked skin, of that same cloth sliding off and pooling on the ground as breath passes between teeth, tongue and lips.

Teeth nibbling against hot flesh, of rasping breathy whispers against the ear, these are the golden, liquid chapters of this story. Skin against skin, warm, beating hearts, the fluidity of movement between two bodies.


X. Marked flesh, taut limbs. These thoughts leave me with shivers, and with yearning for more than the tart ending provides. It is only foreplay, a lingering scent that echoes unsated desire.


Oh, yes.

Categories: ethereal, sex, writing
  1. J
    June 14, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    Exquisite indeed.

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