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My inner storms

The recent bouts of rain here have left me feeling disconnected and unstable. My sleeping and eating habits, and my mood, have all been out of swing. I have also been getting weather headaches, which is the main cause of my lifelong dislike of rain (that, and wet clothes. Ick).

This has all combined to result in a decidedly lukewarm sex drive. That meant a couple days without orgasms! Shocking shocking. The heat makes me feel sluggish, the rain literally dampens my mood, and the severity of air conditioning here just makes my stomach churn and me shiver.

And not the kind of shiver from feeling calloused, strong fingers stroking my skin in just that right way…

Ah, well, one can daydream. Perhaps inspiration will strike when the rain leaves and I do not feel so tired all the time.

I also need to get back into shape. Yes yes.

Brain: time to shut off now.

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  1. J
    June 13, 2007 at 3:50 am

    Running, running, running

    orgasms later

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