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slices and memories

She waits, on her knees, eyes on the floor. She knows he is watching her, and waiting as well. Observing her. Scrutinizing. She waits to hear his ringing command.

“Position!” His voice is low, relaxed. Melodic. But she knows better, and snaps to attention immediately: knees sliding shoulder width apart, raising herself up to straighten her spine, hands resting palms up on her thighs. She is proud of her obedience, and yet as he approaches her, her head automatically tilts downwards at the humiliation of her actions, of her openness.

“Good.” He circles her once, checking her position. And then he begins the inspection. First his fingers knead a breast, testing its firmness. They circle towards the nipple, a thumb and forefinger grasping the areola and pulling sharply. He seems pleased by the gasp that is elicited, and pulls harder. Her stability is threatened, and with soft whimpers she strains to keep her position.

With a final twist, he releases the now swollen nipple, and continues on. Two fingers penetrate her mouth, probing, while the other traces down her arms, her back, feeling her muscles. He bends down lower, taking his fingers out of her mouth and replacing them with his lips. His hot breath mingles with her own, biting her lower lip before drawing away. He looks at her, and she looks down, breathless.

His hand trails downwards, across her shaved sex, and he probes between her lips, testing for her wetness.

He sees her eyes squeeze shut in humiliation. He laughs softly to himself.

“Good. Very good.”

Grabbing her hair, he pulls her onto the ground in front of his feet. He gives her suddenly raised ass a slap, then removes the belt from around his waist and winds an end around his hand. The leather creaks slightly. He hears a small intake of breath from below him, as she prepares herself.

The first blow hits squarely across her ass, leaving a bright red mark. He quickly goes into a steady rhythm, pelting her ass and thighs, admiring the scarlet color he is making. Every now and then, he pauses to probe into her again.

Finally he stops, but it is not because of her tears. He has other plans. She hears him move around behind her, then suddenly something shockingly cold is being smeared on her asshole.

He uses the lube liberally, slowly working his finger inside. She is beyond humiliated at this invasion, lets out a low moan. Heat is still emanating from her welts, and she winces as his fingers grasp her asscheeks.

Once his finger moves easily in and out, he removes it and lubricates the plug at his side. Slowly, but persistently, he eases it inside her, stretching her sphincter…filling her. She gasps as the widest point brings her to the edge of pain…and then it is in, the base pressed firmly against her ass.

Standing up, he picks the belt up again, and without hesitation resumes where he left off. Except now, each stinging hit is aimed straight across the base of the plug, each hit resounding against the silicone. She groans, fingers digging deep into the carpet as each hit jars the plug, moves it inside her rectum, plunges it deeper inside her. She is trembling from the sensations, and from the knowledge that her wetness has leaked down her thighs onto the carpet.

The sharp slap of leather against skin is still ringing in her ears when he stops. He pulls her back up by her hair, steps in front of her, cock already out and glistening. Without word he thrusts into her mouth, and without word she swallows, letting the thickness fill her mouth and invade her throat. She works her tongue, eager to please, and when he withdraws so that only the head is between her lips, she steadies herself mentally to be throat fucked.

There is a slight pause, between his lack of movement and the warmth that begins filling her mouth, where she does not register what is happening. Then the acrid, overpowering odor of urine hits her full force, and she automatically gags. But his hand is tight in her hair, leaving her no room to move. She must gag or swallow.

Trying to push aside the immense, automatic repulsion, pushing back all thought, all rationale, she begins to take large swallows around the head of his cock. She hears deep, low groans from above, knows he is watching her intently, feeding off her humiliation and submission. It in turn feeds her will, to continue swallowing…to fight off the invading thoughts of the act she is doing, or what she is swallowing. To hear those groans of pleasure…makes her heart soar.

When his bladder is emptied inside her, he lets out a long, sated sigh. She looks up briefly, enough to see the dark pleasure in his eyes…the glow of power. His hunger has awakened now. He pushes her onto her back, and she cries out as the momentarily forgotten plug is pushed deep inside her, and the carpet rubs against her reddened ass. He is down on top of her, already spreading her thighs with his legs, head lowered onto her neck, then her breasts. He thrusts in smoothly, feels the plug pressing her muscles even tighter around his cock. So hot…it is overwhelming. He bites down hard on a nipple as he begins pumping into her…forcefully…every stroke emphasizing the friction of the two phalluses, the complete filling of her body. Her gasps are hot, the acrid taste still strong in her mouth.

She rides the sensations, and as he fucks her harder, faster, grinding against her, she loses control, grappling against his body, muscles spasming, her limbs wrapped around his body, seeking an outlet to the fire that is consuming her. Her eyes roll back, she forgets to breathe…and still he pounds into her, growling into her neck as he feels the pressure build…build…rising and expanding until the dam bursts. He continues to fuck her, around the thick semen that he is shooting inside her, for a short while longer, before collapsing on top of her.

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  1. J
    May 30, 2007 at 4:35 am


  2. jayne
    June 1, 2007 at 5:18 am

    I really shouldn’t have read this, i’m on restriction and now i will be driven crazy by the arousal. I love the simplicity, it is so easy to feel the depth of sensations.

  3. nell
    June 1, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    J-Well, well, well. Well?

    jayne-Oh, I sympathize! But think of what lies ahead once that restriction is lifted!
    Thanks for stopping by…

  4. J
    June 1, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    You left me speechless, nell…not my normal condition, as you know…And poor jayne-except, well, you really have served the purpose intended by reading this, I suspect-enhancing your suffering and all…

  5. Desire X
    June 7, 2007 at 3:44 am

    Wow, this was incredibly hot!
    Now I think I need a cold shower, and a spanking 😉


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