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The past couple days have been relatively activity- and family-filled, and I have had neither the time nor energy to write much (or reply to comments-my apologies!). But I am refreshed and smelling of sulfur from a trip to the hot springs, full like none other from a 10-dish meal (with leftovers for tomorrow), and somehow the combination of the two has left me exhausted.

This must not continue! I feel, in turns, like a lazy potato and a pig. And I have been noticeably lacking in energy (probably it is all being spent scratching my mosquito bites). I need to exercise! The running routine I had become settled into at home is being completely neglected here. I will have to be more proactive. And I need an iPod armband.

Alright…this is all the update I can muster for now…lying on my stomach on my floor mattress.

More to come! At some point…

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  1. Anonymous
    May 23, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    Re: Pain management transferred into facial acne obssession.
    Firts may I open up to all.

    I am overwhelmed with the blog links that flow between the endless contributers who share my thirst for creative D/s sensuality channeled through literature, art and personal confessions. There are so many exciting soul searchers I am discovering that it’s a marriage of torture and bliss for me to narrow my focus in an an organized manner.
    I reach to all here, like the Heron Swan family and so many others, that my wealth of passion, fantasy and devotion to the life style are just now for the first time being shared as a link. I lived the lives of Five men already, but never was as child like as now. I spanked all my girls, but they were all empowered as strong young woman before arching their bottoms out to me…I relish the depth of investment the D/s bloggers emulate..but alas, must choose but one feed to begin my new methodology of expressing erotocism. Thus, I start with unassuming girl…not to preach my insights, but rather to honor her naked honesty. I hope to link to all of you:

    Comment-Dear little unassuming girl, why am I aroused so sexually by your writing? It’s likely the insights you prompt under the veil of confession…how sweet, bad girl elaborating how you write while posed on your tummy, fanny prominent, while whining romantically with no consideration for the Dom Men who crave being a savior to little angels like you…anyway, my lesson for you today is this-GROOMING BEHAVIOR; Specifically searching the sensitive areas of one’s face to pick away at throbbing pinpoints of acne, is directly related to dopamine release in the brain..i.e. the facial sensation area in the brain is right next to the sexual arousal area, and this is why an obsession with clean pores is not to be mistaken as a disability. Instead, it’s a soothing tactic which unfortunately results in blemished, over pricked skin if overly picked at. Thus, you are a re a beautiful girl for being so involved in arousal, but you are hurting your mind by neglecting the scars that over grooming may cause…let us Dom Types worry about your pain, your job is to tease, to seduce, to live….swat swat!! SugarPoppa

  2. J
    May 24, 2007 at 4:28 am

    Hee hee!

    “swat swat!”

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