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round and round

A quick update, since I have some time to waste and paid to get the internet connection here–“here” being Tokyo’s Narita Airport. There’s a 3-hour layover, and I’m groggy and bored. Not to mention I got both of my swiss army knives confiscated by security (stupid of me, I know). Sigh.

I must say, this is one of the nicest airports I’ve seen, and I’ve been in a few. I’m a bit wary of going to the many duty-free stores and spending an excessive amount of money, though I was urged to go there to buy gifts for my relatives. I have no idea what to get them, though. I hate looking for gifts for people “just because.” Such as, just because my mother wants to keep face with her relations abroad.

Anyhow, I can’t wait to get to a bed and sleep. Even though I slept most of the 13-hour flight, I doubt I ever entered REM sleep. I did, however, enjoy playing with the various channels on the monitor above my tray, including one that showed a camera’s view from somewhere in front of the plane. I thought that was pretty neat, a cool touch. Various movies played throughout the trip, including Blood Diamond, The Prestige, and I think The Aviator.

And, apparently, I’ve been confusing Leonardo DiCaprio with Matt Damon all this time. Oops.

‘Til who knows when I next have internet access…

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