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an ode, an exchange

I’d pull the head of your cock out
through the opening in your shorts.
Pull it right to my mouth.

Suck and lick it softly; rubbing the precome
all over your shaft so it’s nice and slippery.
My tongue snaking in slow circles around the head,
while one hand squeezes near the base.

My lips slide over the head and my hand slides up,
still gripping firmly, thumb rubbing right below the head.
As I kiss your head.

Finally, I lower my mouth slowly,
covering your head
down the shaft
lips tight around your cock.

My tongue doesn’t stop moving
as you fill my mouth and throat
as your cock blocks off my air;

but I still keep taking you in as much as I can
before I have to withdraw to breathe
back and forth….

Sliding up and down,
drooling down your shaft,
covering it in slick saliva.

Squeeze my balls.

I reach down, cup them with one hand,
gently fondling them,
feeling them with my fingers.
They’re covered in saliva too.

I squeeze, gently
pull a little away from your body
all the while, still sliding up and down your shaft.

I reach with one finger, stroke gently but firmly,
in the crevice right behind your balls
up and down….
(I’ve heard that feels pretty good)

I can feel your cock pulsing and twitching
against the walls of my throat.
You’re coming; your hands grab the back of my head.
You thrust into my throat as you come

I feel your come sliding down my throat,
hot and sticky.

Swallow it All of it.

It keeps coming;
your cock so far down my throat
I just keep swallowing and swallowing

Hold it in your mouth as it softens.

I stroke you with my tongue, gently.

Kiss it.

Close your eyes and rest there.



Categories: sex, writing
  1. J
    April 25, 2007 at 5:25 am

    Well. Very nice. Very.

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