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During the day out here in the jungle, it is oppressively humid, and your energy just runs with the sweat out of your body. Even in the evening, anything more than a leisurely paced walk is sweat-inducing. It’s too hot to do anything. It’s too hot to even think about fucking.

But early in the morning, at around 4:30am, the heat of the day lifts for a brief interlude until dawn, and a cooling atmosphere settles on the skin. It can even get a little chilly.

I woke up in the dark. Lifting the mosquito net cocooning my bunk bed, I sat up with sudden determination. I crossed the short distance to the door, stepping lightly over creaky floorboards, feeling for the doorknob. Outside, the open corridor was flooded with waning moonlight. The constant background buzzing of cicadas accompanied me as I walked down silently, heartbeat beginning to quicken with anticipation. I stopped in front of his door and pressed an ear to the wood.

Soft snores. Deep breaths.

Determined not to make any noise, I inched the door open, wincing whenever the bottom scraped against the floor. Finally, it was wide enough for me to slip inside.

He was asleep on his back, shirtless and stretched out on his bunk. The mosquito net enshrouded the bed, but I could see his chest rising and falling. So peaceful. I almost didn’t want to wake him. Almost. But the stirring in my loins that had awakened me was insistent. I lifted the net, crawled inside, and bent over him, hands already moving under his boxers. I licked my lips unconsciously, feeling his soft penis inside. God I wanted him.

With slow, massaging movements, I coaxed the shaft into semi-hardness, just enough for the head to peek through the slit of the boxers. I leaned over, mouth open and breathing softly onto it—low heated breaths. My tongue snuck out for its first taste, licking the tip of the head. I looked up as he shifted slightly, a slight groan escaping his lips. His eyelashes flickered for a second.

His cock was fully hard now, and I lowered my mouth onto him eagerly. The skin was salty under my tongue. One hand reached through the hole and under to cup his balls; the other gripped the shaft. I licked and lathered, and when I came up for air, I could see the saliva gleaming on his cock. He was moving again, muscles tensing and legs straightening as he murmured in his sleep.

I took him in my mouth again, working up and down, feeling the wonderful thickness and heat filling my throat. Suddenly there was a hand on my head, and hips actively thrusting. A moan escaped my lips, and I looked up again. He was staring at me, sleep heavy in his eyes but quickly becoming glazed with lust. My heart leaped.

His eyes bored into mine as my head continued bobbing, and I could see them naming me, marking me as the slut I am, without word.

He dragged me up to him by my hair, his free hand grazing my cheek, neck, shoulder, breast, hip. Our lips locked, mine still salty, as he eased himself out of his boxers. Hands guided his steel hard cock to me, to my slick entrance, eager and pulsing.

The first thrust is always breathtaking. I gasped into his open mouth, which quickly turned into a grunt as I felt him filling me completely. I ground my hips down hard onto his. We were both sweating now, heat filling the enclosed mosquito net; skin slick with sweat that we licked off each other’s neck and shoulders. I was shuddering, feeling him pump into me, hips bucking, hands groping, grasping, pulling, slipping along wet skin. I felt like I was rising as I came, as he continued thrusting fiercely through it, watching my eyes roll back through half-closed lids.

The fire between my thighs rose up through my groin and stomach, so that my cheeks and fingers tingled. I held onto the sides of his head, groaning with him, watching his face contort beautifully as he came, still pumping, inside me.

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  1. Shon Richards
    February 9, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    Excellent piece, it swept me up.

  2. nell
    February 9, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    Thanks Shon!

  3. J
    February 12, 2007 at 8:52 pm

    Ahhh, the tropics! I know those long, hot, muggy nights too well.

    What a wonderful…dream? fantasy? story? Hmmm.

    Beautiful. Sexy. Delightful.

  4. Max
    October 1, 2012 at 11:13 pm


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