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January 23, 2007 2 comments

I wish I had more time to write, but we’re getting ready to leave Monteverde, to return to San Jose for a short break. Here are some pictures, in the meantime.

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Sun and Water, Wind and Waves

January 21, 2007 2 comments

It’s been nice. Three days without a computer, just camping out in a tent a couple hundred yards up from the ocean. Playing in the waves, wandering through mangroves and lagoons, playing with crabs, watching sea turtles. I felt like I’d found paradise.

It wasn’t all sun and relaxation, though. Our bus couldn’t make it all the way down to the beach because of the road conditions – giant potholes, steep slopes, large slabs of rock jutting out. We had to hike down the trailhead eight miles to the beach, and we started at noon. It was hot and sweaty going.

But that was my only complaint, and the hike made finally getting in the water all the more delicious. The coastline of Santa Rosa National Park is beautiful. Clear blue sky paralleling clear blue water. The waves were a lot stronger than I anticipated, but I’ve gotten better at swimming and dealing with waves in those couple days. I spent a lot of time in the water. But, because I’m on a biology-based foreign study and we’re all nerds, a lot of time was also spent exploring the wildlife around. There were also lectures on sea turtles and mangroves to attend, and a turtle walk to do after nightfall. We got to see an Olive Ridley sea turtle lay its eggs in the sand and return to the ocean. We used night vision binoculars to scan the coast, and spent nights just gazing at the amazingly clear sky.

It was over all too soon. The nights of obnoxiously loud card games. The night of drinking on the beach (that’s an exaggeration – I only took a sip of another girl’s drink). The sun and the hot, hot sand. The sand sphinx and head I made. The lagoon with its migrating hermit crabs. The hatchling sea turtle we helped overcome the tide.

We left Santa Rosa on the 17th, traveling 4 hours south along the Pan American Highway to get to Monteverde. Again, we had to walk to the field station – a roughly half mile uphill trek through cold mist. Mist was everywhere, and it was so chilly that day. I thought I was so underpacked for this part of the trip! Thankfully it warms up a little, and gets pretty hot by noon. It’s still cold, but bearable. I have enough wool clothing, I think.

Monteverde is really the first site we’ve been to that’s a classical rainforest – high humidity, very green, exotic plant mass, dark inner forest with large, buttressed trees. It’s an amazing environment. I’m especially fascinated by the epiphytes – plants that grow on other plants. On one large tree, there may be upwards of 20 species of epiphytes growing on the bark and branches. One type specifically, the bromeliad family, has spiky, whorled leaves (like the pineapple, which is in this family) that collect water, offering microhabitats for all kinds of small animals. So cool.

On the personal front, things are not going as well, but that’s a whole other can of worms. I’m keeping busy in the tropics, and everything else is too easy to forget. I wish I didn’t have to go back to the states…

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On the road and feelin’ dirty

January 14, 2007 5 comments

Tomorrow, we end our 10-day long stay at Palo Verde Research Station and head to Santa Rosa for a couple well-deserved days relaxing by the beach. Granted, we have to walk part of the way there while our stuff is driven to the campsite by car.

It’s been a pretty incredible experience so far. We’ve started off our stay in a dry lowland forest, and it’s the dry season. Not the humid, dense, tropical rainforest we were all expecting. Still, it is definitely an exotic area, where one can see peccaries and white-faced capuchins while eating lunch, find iguanas perpetually lazing around the station, and chase anoles out of one’s bedroom. We’re hoping to see some sea turtles when we get to the beach, too, which would be absolutely amazing.

However, it hasn’t been all adventures and fun. I feel the pressure and stress of our workload every day, and am extremely humbled by how smart everyone on this trip is. Not having taken a science course for the past two terms hasn’t helped, either. I’m barely keeping up, it seems!

And, on a decidedly heavier note, my mother found my handcuffs, drawings, and a bdsm photo book I had.

Yes, I was ready to bury myself then and there. It’s all gone – she’s thrown it all out. And what could I do? Stutter out some cover-up stories … deny her more outrageous claims and accusations … apologize for the freak-out I caused her…

This will probably make a great story in the distant future. But right now I’m just fighting the urge to either bash my head against a wall, or bury it in the sand. What a mess…

I’m going to miss those handcuffs…

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Hola mes amigos

January 6, 2007 2 comments

While I have the luxury of (wireless!) internet access, I wanted to drop in and say hi. So much has happened already! I’ve seen a sloth, watched giant bullet ants, walked through the touristy city of San Jose, and gotten tons of scientific papers and handouts to read (ugh). I don’t have a digital camera, but so many other students do that I will doubtless be able to post some amazing pictures soonish. Or have one massive update once I get back.

Exciting adventures lay ahead, and I need to get some sleep so I have the energy for them!


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January 3, 2007 3 comments

I am horny.

I am inexcusably, indelibly, have-had-six-orgasms-and-still-want-more horny.

I think it’s because I’ve been reading the archives of Girl with a one-track mind since yesterday, and her intelligent, informal, funny, British, sexual posts and anecdotes have infected me with some of her sex-fienditis.

It’s not the only cause, however. For as long as I have been home, and between the bouts of dying drama with the ex and fighting a persistent cold, I have had thoughts of cock in my head. Mostly in my mouth … It still surprises me how much I enjoy blowjobs, and crave them, now. I never factored how much it turns me on to hear the groans and other heated sounds from having a cock in my mouth, both from him and from me. Just thinking about it…sigh.

In any case, I am leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow and have decided that I need to come… a lot, before I go. Goodness knows how long it will be before I will be able to again, when I am there – between living in various states of jungle wilderness in semi-rustic situations, being surrounded by biology majors and professors, and conducting mini research experiments every other day.

I hope to be able to update as I can here, whenever I have the time and the access. So, for awhile and sporadically, this may be more of a “life updates and curiosities in a new culture” blog rather than a sex and bdsm blog. I had thought of doing something of a photojournalistic account of the next several months, but that is impeded by my lack of a digital camera, and although there is my camera phone, I won’t be taking it with me.

Oh, there is also a slight personal quandary I have been trying to solve for a while now, in the midst of my packing. And that is, how does one ensure that one’s personal items, including bullet vibrator, several yards worth of different ropes, metal police handcuffs, erotic books, erotic artwork, bottles of lube, and various lacy and skimpy clothing items remain safe, discreet, and unavailable to snooping hands and prying eyes?

Especially in a room, and house, one doesn’t consider one’s own anymore?

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the 2007 thing

January 2, 2007 Leave a comment

A year of change…A year of discovery and drama…

I’m welcoming 2007 with wide open arms, honestly. I don’t think it is as revolutionary as some make it out to be, the passing of one year and the beginning of a new one, but it still works as a metaphor for me wanting to change some things, and to re-evaluate myself and the past year.

But, as a friend of mine once pondered on his own online journal, it seems unrealistic to dedicate one day, one event, to making any changes in one’s life and lifestyle, when that is something that should be constantly occurring as life passes – as obstacles are overcome, and new ones appear. But then again, not everyone is the kind of altruistic, Greater Good-seeking, passionate, self-knowledgeable person that he is. The kind of person that effects change wherever he goes, and believes something optimistic about the human race that escapes my perspective of the world, at least. Maybe I have become more cynical this year…

A lot has happened this year, both good and bad, and there is a lot for me to absorb and take away as life lessons. I’ve already written enough about my ended relationship to make my eyes bleed, and I get physically sick thinking about it. However, I cannot deny the huge influence it, and he, had on my life, and how so much of my past insecurities were stripped away. Of course, new ones took their place, rooted in the break-up, but I will deal with them as I can.

It is weird … I’ve noticed that I consciously prevent myself, at times, from blooming, from feeling good about myself, or feeling accomplished, or feeling happy, because I am reminded of his praises of me, of everything he said he loved about me. It hurts to remember, but even more than that, I don’t want to prove him right – in anything good he said about me. In all of the mind fucks I endured with him, this has been the longest lasting, and the most detrimental.

I am starting off the new year with a trip south, out of the United States, and I am relishing this fact. For 3 months I will be immersing myself in a new culture and environment, and hopefully reviving my dying interest in one of my majors.

So, here is to a new year, wide open and empty, shooting millions of thin yarns of possibility off into the distance to pursue. I feel like Pandora, both curious and frightened. But if Hope manages to escape with all the other evils, latching itself to each string, each risk and chance and mistake, it is worth opening that box, that door, and stepping through. Right?

To the new year. To a life ever brimming with potential. To an ever-changing world.

To a blog, for the year to hopefully provide more content for darker and more delectable stories to tell, more explicit experiences to relate, and more friends to make.