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I watch her quietly as she works. So intently focused is she on her writing that she doesn’t hear the scrape of the door opening, nor the soft rustle of my jeans as I pad inside. Just a few steps, so as not to disturb her. At least, not yet.

I love watching her so absorbed in her work. Her head bent low, wisps of hair grazing the desk and paper. The pen moves quickly across the page, compelled by its owner’s hand and inspiration.

She has such tiny, delicate wrists and small hands. I always feel like a giant when I hold her hand, or when I grab her wrist. The thought causes my cock to twitch, almost imperceptibly. I take a few more steps inside.

Sunlight fills the study from large, open windows to the right, and my shadow falls alongside me, trailing on the carpet and wall. Perhaps it is that movement that catches her peripheral vision, causing her to look behind her suddenly. Or perhaps she already senses my…distracting thoughts.

She smiles, blinking and rubbing her eyes. “Hey, you. What time is it?”

“A little after one. Are you hungry?”

I don’t know if she catches the underlying tone of my own hunger, already starting to stir in my groin. She shrugs; looks up at me, her wide eyes giving off an air of innocence. But I know better. I smile and run my fingers down through her hair. Hearing her hum of satisfaction makes my cock twitch again. My hand moves slowly down to her neck, massaging and rubbing.

She reaches, still sitting, for my hips, to pull me closer. Her hands grasp the sides of my jeans.

“Oh. So you are hungry…” My voice is light, joking. But she hears my breathing getting ragged. Smiling still, she reaches with both hands to the zipper of my jeans.

“Ah ah…Not so fast.” I take both her wrists in one hand to stop her. Even with just one hand, my fingers wrap all the way around. With my other, I reach into my pocket and bring out metal handcuffs. Our favorite.

Taking a wrist in each hand now, I put them behind her back, locking the cuffs with swift familiarity and kissing her deeply as the gears click into place. The sound has become an aphrodisiac to us.

The chains clink as she tests them; the cold metal makes her groan. Her tiny wrists are almost too big for these cuffs: the last gear still allows her to rotate her hands freely. But the cold heavy steel is hard and uncomfortable and bruises her wrists easily. She feels their weight long after they’ve been taken off.

She falls from the chair to her knees as I stand back up, motioning for her to continue. She takes the zipper between her teeth, staring up at me as she pulls it slowly down. There is no hiding the bulge in my jeans. My cock is already straining against its confines…knowing what is waiting on the other side of the layers of fabric.

She grips the belt now, pulling it to the side with her mouth and grunting with effort. Effort and desire. Holding back the urge to rip the belt out for her, I instead fold my arms to my chest. Finally, my cock emerges, hard and already wet with precum. Taking it in my hand, I guide it to her open, greedy mouth. I feel her soft breath on the head,

her wet tongue massaging the shaft,

her sweet slick saliva coating the skin,

her full lips kissing my balls,

her hot mouth engulfing me,

and with a throaty growl, I grab her head, her dark shining hair flowing under my palms, from between my fingers, and lunge deep into her throat. I feel her desperate attempts to reach my balls with her tongue, to lick them at the deepest point of impalement. Her choking, gagging, moaning are heavenly, feeding my energy and lust. Metal grinds on metal as her cuffed hands search for balance and stability while I force her head repeatedly back, farther back with each thrust.

It begins – that exquisite build-up, the tightening in my balls, the increasing pressure, and I fuck her throat harder and faster. All sensations merge into one, the world exists in feeling my cock pulsating in and penetrating her eager throat, fueling the heat in my loins…

“oh, fuck—“

It is eternity in seconds. Something guttural escapes my lips; my cock spasms against the walls of her throat, my seed emptying into her, she hungrily swallowing around my shaft. All the pressure erupting from my balls through my cock, rushing into her waiting mouth.

I let out a ragged breath as the world tilts.

As I soften inside her, she suckles gently, bathing me with her tongue. I withdraw slowly, savoring the warmth and gasping at the heightened sensitivity.

A kiss on her now salty lips.

The click of a key turning, of gears springing free.

Small hands rubbing thin wrists.

The rustle of clothes being smoothed.

An embrace, soft whispered words.

I glance back one last time before walking out. She’s seated at her desk again, head already bowed in concentration. But I catch her tongue, flicking out along her lips, as she picks up her pen. And there is a dark ring on each of her wrists.

This is what I started, and what inspired my 3rd set of sketches. I lost interest in the writing halfway through and started drawing instead. Well, that came full circle, and looking through the sketches made me want to finish this post.

So I did.

Categories: fantasy, sex, submission, writing
  1. J
    December 23, 2006 at 9:39 pm

    Simply beautiful, nell. Thanks for sharing…Merry Christmas,J

  2. nell
    December 23, 2006 at 10:39 pm

    Thanks, J! 🙂

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