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mind vomit, and today

December 7, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Note to self: Multiple orgasms in succession, no matter how good they feel at the time, do not really help with heartburn. Ever. At all.

I had a very hard time falling asleep last night, due to a particularly severe case of heartburn (which, I’m suspecting more and more, is not so much heartburn and much more acid reflux). I did not, in fact, fall completely asleep until sometime around 6am, perhaps much later. I was delirious by that time, so I’m not sure at all.

This meant sleeping till 2 this afternoon, missing a resident’s farewell before he left for home, as well as a lunch date with another resident, who had offered to pay for me as I was running low on the campus meal plan.

But I did have time to run and get my remaining funds to subsidize a floor dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant, which was delicious, made that much more so by the fact that the majority of us had not eaten much all day.

I’ve been steadily developing a substantial crush on one Mark Davis, as I delve deeper and deeper into a certain site called Sex and Submission. He is one of the main…actors?… of the site, and seems to do a lot more mind games and mental bondage than some of the others.

And, well, it really doesn’t help that my libido is skyrocketing right now. I wonder if it’s a side effect of stopping the pill so abruptly.

Walking back to my room earlier, I started reminiscing on past sessions. Of being fucked after he had filled me with an enema, or with the evil black plug in place. Of being fucked in the ass in the parking lot. When I rode the elevator up to my room, I remembered the way he had pressed me against the wall, feeling the contrast between the cold of the metal and the heat of his body.

I don’t really know why, except perhaps because of my unusually high sexual charge. And it is odd, since just a few hours prior, when we were eating dinner, the conversation turned briefly to Thanksgiving, and I was suddenly struck by the reminder of last year’s Thanksgiving, when I rushed back to campus the day after celebrating with my family, rushed back so I could see him and spend the weekend with him.

And I realized he had probably just come from being with his fiancé then. Had celebrated Thanksgiving with her, before coming to see me.

I’m glad no one noticed that I fell suddenly silent then, but I was soon caught up talking about study abroad programs, different teas, and Thai dishes again.

I also watched The L Word for the first time tonight with a couple friends, who were watching it when I stopped by after dinner. I stayed to watch 2 episodes. I can’t deny that it didn’t affect me… Damn, but I rather wish he hadn’t brought out the bi-curious in me. I still can’t be sure…I don’t know how to tell for sure. And it could very well be, again, a side effect of my sex-starved mindset right now.


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