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The instigator

“Slap me.”


“Slap me.”

Her eyes burned. She glared defiance as she repeated those two improbable words. Her body trembled with the energy of clashing emotions – anger, fear, desperation, and a hard, keening need. She didn’t know why she wanted it so badly. His anger, his rage. She craved it, as if she knew she would draw in its energy, be somehow nourished by it.

“Slap me!”

She saw his struggle – uncertainty and a growing, but fast repressed anger. She egged him on, pushed him. Her eyes never left his. She wanted to see them grow dark.

Stop this, now.

Oh, no. There was no stopping it. She was consumed by the need now. Everything else disappeared behind a hazy cloud in the back of her mind. She pursued him, trying to back him into a corner. She knew he would never stand for that. A glimmer of a warning sparked in her consciousness, aware of the danger of her pursuit. But this only excited her more, and her hunger grew for that primal rage and lust.

She pursued, he backed away. She knew how much he despised backing off. Conceding. She saw his pupils begin to contract, his eyebrows unconsciously furrowing. Close, close.

He was in a corner now. The place, mentally, she knew he could not, would not stand. She braced herself, but her eyes continued to burn into his. Challenging. She took one more step forward.

He snarled and grabbed her hair, bending her back in one smooth move. She pulled against the grip, but only to maintain eye contact. She saw it growing, the darkness. Her heart simultaneously surged with joy and leapt into her throat. She did the one thing to tip the balance.

She sneered.

Their eyes stayed locked as he raised his hand. She tried to watch him for as long as possible …

He brought his hand down across her cheek, knocking the breath from her. Before she could recover, his hand returned in a backhand across her other cheek.

Is this what you wanted? Two more swats.

Is it, slut? Twice more again.

Only low moans from her now … and in those moans, the only answer he needed. He hears her completeness; her submission; her lust. He reached between her legs, roughly pulling them apart and finding her thighs slick.

So, this is what gets this slut off. His grip on her hair tightened, lifting her head up.

Their eyes locked.

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